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Our LinkedIn®️ Marketing Agency offers training and support to attract, engage and nurture new and existing connections. Learn how to leverage all the new features of the LinkedIn®️ platform.

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Trevisan have been instrumental in building up a great stream of prospects for us. I would highly recommend their service.

Richard Baxter


In addition to our hands-on LinkedIn®️ Marketing services, we offer LinkedIn®️ training programs in the UK. These are designed to empower both businesses and individuals. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to LinkedIn®️, our training covers the entire spectrum to equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed for LinkedIn®️ marketing success.

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revolutionise how you gain leads

Corporate LinkedIn®️ Training from an Award Winning Team

Our corporate training programme operates as a 1.5 hour zoom session for up to 25 participants. 

The training covers everything you need to both build a strong company presence on LinkedIn®️, and can be catered for the emphasis of the users, and what you want to achieve (be that sales, marketing, HR or Leadership.)

We will cover profile improvements, lead generation strategy, the hows-wheres-and-whys of engagement and much, much more. 

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I have been a proactive LinkedIn user for some years now and thought I had a fair handle on it. However, the recent lockdown has made many more people proactive with LinkedIn so I thought I would "sharpen the saw" and sign up for Trevisan's LinkedIn course. Wow! A real eye opener and well worthwhile !



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For those serious about uplevelling - FAST

1-2-1 Training with Trevisan Founder Melanie Goodman

Our one to one training session will leave you with the tools to transform your LinkedIn®️ Profile Page into a career tool that boosts your profile and wins you clients

Our 90 minute training includes tips on the LinkedIn®️ algorithm, personal branding, how to use hashtags and much more. You will also receive exclusive access to a comprehensive LinkedIn®️ profile optimisation manual. 

Our LinkedIn®️ Marketing Services

Trevisan offers a holistic approach to marketing, mastering profile optimisation, content creation, and lead generation.

LinkedIn®️ is a powerful tool for lead generation and sales, but many companies struggle to use it effectively. With our LinkedIn®️ marketing services, we integrate LinkedIn®️ with your inbound marketing to boost sales and generate qualified leads. Our B2B LinkedIn®️ marketing creates awareness among prospects likely to convert, targeting decision-makers and influencers based on industries, company size, or specific interests. 

We can empower you to connect with targeted prospects that will grow your business.

outsource your LinkedIN®️ Marketing for targeted growth

How Hiring a LinkedIn®️ Marketing Agency can accelerate your business growth in UK?

LinkedIn®️ hosts round one billion active users and is the natural choice for B2B social advertising. If you are not among the B2B marketers on LinkedIn®️, you’re missing out on vital opportunities to capture leads and boost sales.

To maximise your impact on LinkedIn®️ you need a strategic and holistic approach that includes: 

If your business doesn’t have the time or resources to devote to LinkedIn®️ Marketing then we can help! Our Linkedin®️ Marketing services can grow your online presence and business for you.

Why work with Trevisan as your LinkedIn®️ Marketing Consultant

Expert Led

Led by our founder Melanie Goodman we are LinkedIn®️ experts who have devoted years to mastering the ins and outs of the platform. From profile optimisation to creating compelling content and implementing effective lead generation strategies, we can ensure that your brand stands out.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to LinkedIn®️ marketing. We go beyond the basics to go deep into the intricacies of engagement, analytics, and continuous optimisation. Our approach enables our clients to both establish a strong initial presence and also sustain and enhance their impact over time.


We commit to keeping you informed about not only the successful tactics but also those that didn’t yield the desired results. We believe that transparent data analysis is a crucial aspect of the testing and learning process.

Make the most of LinkedIn®️ with our Marketing Services in our LinkedIn®️ marketing company.

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