Transform your LinkedIn Profile Page into a career tool that boosts your profile and wins you clients

Your LinkedIn profile is key to your professional branding strategy. However, most people do not have the time, know how or inclination to perfect their LinkedIn profile page. Why not let us do it for you…

What we'll do...

We will transform your skeleton LinkedIn profile into a search engine optimised career tool that highlights your skills, experiences and impresses not only your current network of connections but will render you more easily found by potentially useful connections. Your new LinkedIn Profile will capture a strong personal brand message and use LinkedIn keyword strategy aligned with the site’s search algorithm.

A first-rate LinkedIn profile will:

Do you feel that your current profile is hitting all these marks?

Is it winning you clients and new opportunities?

If not, let us help you create a compelling profile that is optimised using advanced LinkedIn SEO (which means you show up in search results) and, where preferred, we will include full personal branding and logo design.

Get the attention you deserve! Schedule a chat with our founder Melanie Goodman to discuss how we can transform your profile.

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I first got to know Melanie Goodman when she helped me optimise my LinkedIn profile. Melanie's understanding of LinkedIn and, perhaps more importantly, her ability to explain it in normal English so that I can understand is gold dust for those in business who want to understand how to market their services digitally. I have no hesitation in recommending Melanie and her service and look forward to myself to working with her again soon.



How we work

step one

Getting to know you...

First we’ll get to grips with who you are and what you need your profile to do for you in a telephone consultation followed by a customised questionnaire.

step two

Content creation

We create the first draft of your profile. This will contain targeted, professional copywriting and SEO optimisation (so your profile features in LinkedIn’s results)

step Three

Making it live...

Once you have approved the new profile copy we will upload the content to your LinkedIn profile. We will add the keyword optimised text, and ensure privacy settings etc. are correct. Once this is complete we’ll talk through your new profile and we can suggest possible group connections that will allow your brand to continue to grow.

Your new LinkedIn Profile will include:

Compelling Headline

This will allow your profile to stand out from the rest and attract more connections. 


Your Professional Story Conveyed Via an Engaging Summary

This will be client focussed, effectively telling your story and explaining what it is you do it a manner that attracts new connections

Keyword Optimisation

We will focus on select keywords that will feature in your content in a natural organic way.

Optimisation of additional sections

We’ll make sure every part of your profile is up to date and is working for you (including education, volunteer positions, publications, projects, honors & awards, etc.)

Background Graphic

A custom made LinkedIn Banner to match your branding

Updated current & past work experiences

Make sure your online CV is up to date and optimised. 

Profile Customised URL (web address)

We will make sure that your profile is easy to find. 

Updated Skills & Endorsements sections

Make sure you get found for your most important skills

Ready to get started?

You can access all of these optimised features and start to make use of a LinkedIn profile that really works for you and your business for a one time investment of £450
If you’re interested in changing your LinkedIn presence effectively and effortlessly get in touch for more information or schedule a chat to discuss how we will work for you.

Melanie helped me develop my LinkedIn profile, taught me how to navigate the app and the web page. She has generated many quality leads and demonstrated the huge potential it offers those in the wealth management space. Thank you.


one time investment

optimise your LinkedIn profile
£ 495 plus VAT
  • Full consultation
  • Targeted, professional copywriting
  • SEO optimisation
  • On brand graphics
  • Consultation on how to connect and grow

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