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Elevate your brand with bespoke, custom content. Every asset aligns with your commercial goals, speaks directly to your audience, your “ideal clients” and increases the visibility of your brand in a smart, strategic fashion.
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WOW - this is superb and I LOVE it. I am very very picky... I could not do a better job if you paid me. Ok - no more posting on LI by me. I'll leave that to you.


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What's Included?

From blog posts, social media content and email copy to white papers and eBooks, Trevisan’s copywriting services will build awareness of your firm and brand whilst improving your visibility in search engines, ultimately leading to increased inbound leads.

We take the time and care to hire the very best professionals with exemplary copywriting skills and who are well-versed in writing business copy in niche verticals.

Branded Content

All content will look and feel 100% authentic and on brand. Our team will produce custom graphics and videos with your logo and branding.

Custom Content

Custom content always performs brilliantly on social media. We are in constant communication to ensure we’re up to date with everything that your company wants to shout about!

Branded Whitepapers

Whitepapers are powerful marketing tools, engaging leads and reassuring potential customers of your knowledge and status in your field. We have expertise in composing and branding whitepapers that you can then use within your social media strategy. 

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Done-For-You LinkedIn Content

One of the main reasons that people don’t post on LinkedIn is that they don’t have either the time, know-how or inclination! However, the LinkedIn algorithm favours those who post regularly and it is the only way to improve you and / or your firm’s visibility. We provide a full content creation and management service for you with a typically monthly package including:

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Yes, if you want a turn-key solution for financial advisor social media, don’t have the time/energy to do it yourself, and want to be way ahead of the competition.

You can expect to build an elite online presence, increase engagement with top contacts, run next-level digital advertising, increase web traffic, and spark meaningful conversations with ideal prospects.

Everyone on the team should understand what we’re doing and how they can add value to your digital presence as well. Financial advisor social media isn’t a one person endeavor.

We work with every type of firm – from  single person self employed consultants to multinational corporations. We work to understand your opportunities and your limitations and we build your game plan accordingly.

We know… be wary of anyone calling themselves “experts.” Our founder, Melanie Goodman,  has a background in financial services and law and spent almost a decade as director of the corporate arm of a law firm effecting their business development before founding Trevisan whose niche is LinkedIn marketing. We have won consecutive industry awards for Brand Management

Melanie provides in-house LinkedIn coaching to national firms both in Switzerland and the UK and runs a fully CPD accredited online LinkedIn training course, #LinkedInMastery2021.

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