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Video Guide: How to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

Trevisan Founder Melanie Goodman presents a comprehensive 1 hour webinar on how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile.

Are your potential clients finding your LinkedIn profile when searching for the services you sell? If not, your profile needs some work!

To ensure decision-makers find your profile before they come across your peers’, you must optimise your profile, leveraging all the new profile features that LinkedIn has launched in the last 12 months.

365 Days of LinkedIn / Social Media Post Prompts

The key to LinkedIn success is staying top of mind.  You want it to be YOU who people see first  in their newsfeed every morning.


Furthermore, the LinkedIn algorithm will reward you for frequent posting and push your posts out to a wider audience.


Sounds simple but who has got time to come up with new ideas on a daily basis?


This resource will give you effortless prompts for those days when you just can’t think of something new and different to put out there and will ensure you can a consistent mix of varied content.


Encyclopedia of LinkedIn Hashtags 2023

A complete guide to the top LinkedIn hashtags and how to use them.

LinkedIn is one of the top marketing channels for businesses, particularly for B2B content marketers.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic marketing – that’s the highest among all social media channels. Being one of the best channels to promote your business to people who are looking for business-related content. A key way of marketing on LinkedIn and reaching the right audience is through using the RIGHT hashtags – with this guide you can optimise every post!


What’s included in this 110 page guide?

  • 8-page guide to using Hashtags in the best possible way to gain maximum reach
  • The top hashtags to use on LinkedIn plus
  • Top Hashtags for your Industry: Law | Recruitment |Financial Services & Fintech | Marketing | Technology | Crypto |Property / Real Estate


Each hashtag has the follower numbers and is hyperlinked to LinkedIn so you can quickly and seamlessly comment on posts using those hashtags!


LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Manual​

The ultimate guide to optimising your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility and higher LinkedIn and search engine rankings.


LinkedIn Proficiency Test

Test your LinkedIn knowledge with our quiz!