Why Bother? Is LinkedIn Organic Reach Now an Impossibility?

In days gone past, LinkedIn was heaven for people who were creating interesting, premium-quality content and they were able to generate millions of views with their LinkedIn posts.

However, still members were using LinkedIn only as a CV database to find and be found. It was not the social media of choice…for social.

So LinkedIn saw revenues plummet (well maybe not plummet but go south) so they encouraged more user-generated content to get more people to login and engage daily and over time the algorithm has changed so now we see more of what we engage with in our feed – it learns from our actions.

On a technical level, LinkedIn has re-prioritised different content types such as LinkedIn ads within their newsfeed. Top tip: PDFs reign supreme so add documents to your posts.

It is still possible to go viral on LinkedIn but you need a lot more engagement to make it happen.

You also require a higher level of engagement-quality such as longer and more in-depth comments, comments on comments chains and sub-comment threads. As well as shares with descriptions.

The questions turns to how do you make sure that your profile and posts are promoted by LinkedIn?

AKA Why Do You Need a Great LinkedIn Profile?

Once you create a LinkedIn Profile, it becomes the immediate source for verifying your professional status, work history, education, credentials & competence: You need a great profile because you cannot risk the damage of having a poor profile.

In fact, a well-crafted profile can become pivotal to improving your:

1.     Professional Network: You are using LinkedIn in order to target a specific audience. While you try to network with this audience, some of them are trying to find a professional like you on search engines or stumbling upon you via network suggestions or LinkedIn activities. Either way, a great profile attracts such profile visitors from search engines, network suggestions & LinkedIn content. Moreover it increases the conversion rate of visitors into connections or followers. On the other hand, an incomplete, average or generic profile can delay or deny you the possibility to impress a profile visitor.

2.     Brand Building: Your posts & comments may get lost in the feed but other users can always circle back to your profile. For this reason, a LinkedIn profile can establish itself as a proof of authenticity and trustworthiness. The key is alignment between your Headline/USP, summary, endorsed skills, recommendations & activities, especially when 60% LinkedIn users depend on it for industry insights. Here, it becomes crucial that you compile and repurpose your insightful posts & comments into featured articles and posts on your profile. (If you need to know how to mark an item as featured, private message me)

3.     Lead Generation: The most well received blogs about LinkedIn profiles mention the necessity of including at least one Call-to-Action (CTA) in your profile. CTAs are nothing else but prompts that can identify leads among visitors. These can be about messaging you, visiting a site, downloading a link or attachment, joining a group &/or registering for an event. It is advisable to give a choice between multiple CTAs within your profile.

4.     Marketing Funnels: Brands define the opinions of visitors towards you & CTAs can trigger their intent but they will only consider preference or purchase after they compare the profile & experience of a CTA with your competitors. At this stage, your profile is subject to a thorough re-evaluation & lapses in completeness & coherence of profile sections can undo all the build-up establishing a marketing funnel i.e. a standard practice of leading a visitor from a state of awareness to an active transaction.

5.     LinkedIn Search Results: The LinkedIn search bar allows you to search keywords on the basis of filters like people, jobs, content, companies, schools, groups, connections, current companies & locations. The auto-populated results of these searches for jobs, content etc are a result of your LinkedIn profile & your activities.

“I know how to post”

Do you? Do you really, Charles? (Anyone who knows which film that’s from will get a free place on the next LinkedIn Accelerator!)

Did you know that 3-9 hashtags is optimum for max post reach?

Did you know that the Golden Hour is now the Golden 2 hours and beyond?

Did you know that sharing a company page post is NOT the best way to get your post seen?

Now that you know the Why, the How will not surprise you.It can be simple, seamless & convenient with the Trevisan Social LinkedIn Accelerator

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