Trevisan  | Recently Funded? How To Make LinkedIn Work For You
Recently Funded? How To Make LinkedIn Work For You
Trevisan  | Recently Funded? How To Make LinkedIn Work For You

How Recently Funded Companies Can benefit from LinkedIn?

Consumers can evaluate established goods & services by going through reviews on e-commerce sites, but what about new products? The obvious answer seems to be social media. If you go by the 2018 data of GlobalWebIndex, 54% of the world’s social browsers research products on social media. Social browsers are internet users between the ages of 16-64 years, who prefer surfing through social media in their spare time. Hence, startups need to have a sound Social Media Marketing (SMM) for their product launches. Social Media also makes it more convenient for consumers to access companies & get prompt responses, in comparison to e-mails & prolonged IVR calls.

Why LinkedIn?

Neil Patel observes that people do not interact on other social networks with a business focused mindset. It is this mindset that makes a lot of LinkedIn users intuitive about professional interactions. While consumers may repeatedly see the Facebook/IM campaigns & twitter endorsements, find you via Google, ask specific queries on Quora & reddit etc. the trust factor would largely depend on your LinkedIn presence. As a recently funded start-up, it is prudent to make LinkedIn the hub of your entire SMM. Annual Business Insider surveys name LinkedIn as the most trusted Social network. It is safe to say that compared to other social media giants, a lot of consumers trust information on LinkedIn & also trust LinkedIn with safety of their personal data. Apart from digital trust, the following benefits of LinkedIn are undeniable.

An Apt Professional Presence:

The LinkedIn interface is a professional template. The audience can access your professional details & the call-to-action (CTA) isn’t an irritating pop-up. Critics may cite other professional networks as being more user friendly but LinkedIn has got all the basics right. In fact, other professional networks work best when integrated with LinkedIn. Where else can the user get a single window access to your professional profile, company page, product page, showcase, featured content, mutual connections & overall influence among professionals?

Grow Your Network Exponentially:

The purpose of a social network is to network. If you have figured out your target audience, especially their personas, start using LinkedIn.

➡ Import your contact list to LinkedIn & send them a connection request. This may help improve the visibility and credibility of your Business. This will also increase the possibility of having them as mutual connections with your target audience. They may even refer you or allow access to the right LinkedIn groups.

➡ Employ the right strategy to interact with fellow users via posts, comments, Inmail, events & stories. Whenever you connect with a valuable peer or prospect, you can use InMail messaging features to schedule a Video meeting via Zoom, MS Teams or BlueJeans.

At the end of the day LinkedIn as over 722 million users, including 40 million decision makers & 61 million senior level influencers. In fact, the unique mobile user traffic of LinkedIn stands at 63 million.

Optimise your Marketing Funnels (B2B and B2C):

During fundraising, most Business-to-Consumer (B2C) start-ups have to pitch a B2B component for revenue generation. The answer is simple; businesses can buy higher volumes of a product, as compared to individuals. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is your go-to platform for B2B leads, especially when 93% of B2B marketers name it as their foremost choice for lead generation. You can qualify these leads by engaging directly with identified subject matter experts, negotiators & key personnel via LinkedIn. You can optimise 90% of the marketing funnel on LinkedIn by using social proof, references, reliable engagement & well positioned CTAs.

B2B or B2C, 64% of social media generated traffic for corporate websites, comes via LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Pages are pivotal to your brand equity, which helps your B2C growth. Individual consumers can be motivated emotionally, but they dread unwanted pop-ups & risks to privacy. In fact, 42% internet users concede that they use ad-blockers.

Fortunately, LinkedIn is free from all the ad clutter & it offers the user options to protect a lot of their personal data. 50% LinkedIn users prefer to purchase from companies that engage with them on LinkedIn & 80% users want to network with companies to improve their decision making. Recently, LinkedIn has also introduced a wider palette of reactions along with tools like LinkedIn Stories, live streams, events & carousel posts to improve the dwell time of the skip & skim audience. 

➡ LinkedIn can also double up as a 2nd tier resource for managing customer relations, in addition to your actual CRM. Eventually, when you do upgrade to paid subscriptions & campaigns, you may get conversion rates that are 3 times higher than other ad platforms at nearly 44% lower costs per lead.

Gather Reliable Competitive Intel:

Most of your competitors are on LinkedIn. Their content, connections & campaigns on LinkedIn are clues to their long term business strategy.

➡ Go to your competitors’ company pages and scroll to Posts and then Ads:

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Furthermore, LinkedIn also helps you track changes in their management & key personnel. Fortune 500 companies concede that they use LinkedIn more than any other platform. You can also get an overview of their cross-platform SMM, if they share case studies & their marketing professionals utilise the twitter integration feature of LinkedIn. Conversely, it is also possible that a few of your competitors maybe evaluating you. Nonetheless, LinkedIn is a goldmine of competitive intelligence.

Hire Quality Talent:

Startups have very strong incentives to use LinkedIn for hiring top notch talent. LinkedIn is the largest online directory of professionals. In terms of quality hires, professional networks outperform job boards & employee referrals. Specialised sites for start-up recruitments exist, but recent figures suggest that 75% of job changing professionals used LinkedIn to validate their career decisions. Interestingly, professionals recruited via LinkedIn are 60% more likely to complete 6 months at the company.

What Next?

Create individual & company pages on LinkedIn. Optimise the profiles & familiarise with the features. Start networking with prospects & potential talent. Become an early adopter of new LinkedIn tools. Seek expert intervention to maximise your benefits from LinkedIn.

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