I’m An Advisor – How Can I Launch An Effective Networking Strategy in 48hrs?

I know that entering the digital sphere and promoting your brand (whether that be brand You or your company) can be daunting, especially when you don’t have any prior experience. Use this article as a crib sheet – I’ve made it easy for you to get online, connect with potential clients and take your business to the next level.

Social media can be a great place to network, and LinkedIn probably is the best networking site for professionals. As a financial advisor, if you are looking to leverage the power of social media to boost networking, then creating an effective magnetic LinkedIn profile is crucial.

But…let’s start from the very beginning:

How can you build an online presence quickly?

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Set up your web hosting
  3. Design and launch your website
  4. Start a blog
  5. Actually write articles within your blog!
  6. Capture email addresses of potential customers
  7. Make your website rank on Google
  8. Pay Google to advertise your website
  9. Sign up for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn (gasp!)
  10. Make your social media profiles look the part
  11. Post content on your social channels regularly

When you create a LinkedIn profile, you are not just visible on LinkedIn searches, but you also appear in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches. Isn’t that an excellent way to promote yourself?

Follow these useful tips if you want to up your networking game through LinkedIn:

·      Add a photo to your profile

Adding a professional photo to your LinkedIn profile is possibly one of the easiest but most overlooked parts of your profile. When you upload a photo on your profile, it becomes easier for your online connections to associate a face to your name, making it more personable. Be sure to upload a professional photo, as your credibility and professionalism can be established with just one photo.

·      Optimise your public URL

It is important to optimise your LinkedIn profile to make it easier for other people to search for your company. Also, customise your public URL, making it more memorable and easier to share. You can easily optimise your public profile URL by clicking on the “Me” icon and then clicking view profile.

·      Update your LinkedIn headline

Your LinkedIn headline plays a vital role in creating a positive impression and explaining your expertise. Your headline is an opportunity to capture interest and let your viewers know more about you. Did you know that your headline appears along with your name in an active search?

An effective LinkedIn headline should contain the following information:

–      What you do

–      Whom you do it for

–      How it benefits them

You may also include your job role and the name of your firm in the headline.

·      Include links to your website or blog 

As a financial advisor, having your own website can be a useful financial marketing tool. Include the link to your website on your profile to generate more traffic for your website. You can also add links to your blog posts, social networks, and other online platforms.

·      Post relevant content 

To get the most out of LinkedIn, it is important to create and share posts on the platform. Every piece of content that you post on LinkedIn increases your visibility. The content you post should be relevant to your viewers. As a financial advisor, you are considered a subject matter expert, and, thus, people expect original and curated content from you. Your content should not be about you or your company but rather about your niche.

When you post relevant content, you attract a following. People will keep coming back to your profile to see if you have posted anything that could help them.

·      Add keywords to make your profile search friendly

Whether on Google or LinkedIn, when people search for something, they use some key terms or keywords. Use relevant keywords in various sections of your profile so that your name comes up easily during Internet searches. The more frequently your name appears in searches, the more traffic gets driven to your website.

What is a keyword, Melanie?

keyword, or a focus keyword as some call it, is a word that describes the content on your page or post best. It’s the search term that you want to rank for with a certain page. So when people search for that keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they should find that page on your website.

·      Update your contact information

The InMail feature of LinkedIn is only available to Premium users. To make it possible for other LinkedIn users to contact you, make sure that your contact information is updated on your profile. You may include your phone number, email address, website, and social media links as a way of communication. Offering multiple options for contact makes your company more accessible.

·      Check who viewed your profile

LinkedIn has a great feature that notifies you when people check your profile. As a financial advisor, checking these notifications regularly can help you identify prospects that may be interested in working with you. The feature allows you to see who checked your profile in the last 90 days if yo have a paid account.

·      Check out your connections’ networks

When you consistently post relevant content on LinkedIn, your visibility increases. When you have gathered your own connections, you must check out your connections’ networks to see which professionals you may know are in their network. You can then extend an invitation to these professionals to join your network.

·      Follow companies on LinkedIn

If you would like to work with employees of certain companies or have a large company in your area with potential clients, it is a good idea to start following these companies on LinkedIn. You would have more information about the latest news and happening, which in turn will help you better serve these customers.

·      Join multiple Groups

LinkedIn has millions of Groups that cater to various personal and professional interests. Start by joining these Groups and sharing relevant information in these groups. Participating in LinkedIn Groups can help you gain substantial connections and improve the quality of your networking relationships.

Top tip: Did you know you can message unlimited numbers of people in groups without being connected to them?

Your LinkedIn profile can be an excellent platform that brings you new connections, clients, and insights. Visit your LinkedIn profile daily as an active presence creates more visibility for you.

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