How to Turn a LinkedIn Connection into a Client – Prospecting Effectively on LinkedIn

How to Turn a Connection into a Client – Prospecting Effectively on LinkedIn

If you are interested in prospecting for new clients, planning to run an outreach program or purely nurturing your network effectively, LinkedIn can prove to be extremely profitable for you. Although this can seem quite daunting initially, given the vastness of this platform, I will help in making this simple for you.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about LinkedIn prospecting, covering everything from creating an effective LinkedIn prospecting strategy to actual templates and tips for getting the best results. Let’s dive in…

What is LinkedIn prospecting?

The purpose of LinkedIn prospecting is to identify your ideal clients so that authentic relationships can be built with them. LinkedIn prospecting is done by sifting through the platform for uncovering sales leads, which can then be converted into clients. To explain it simply, LinkedIn prospecting is pretty much like cold calling, only more effective and less intrusive. A general LinkedIn prospecting process will involve the following steps –

1.       The first step is usually concerned with creating personas of the buyers and identifying their main pain points.

2.       Thereafter, one has to find leads that would match the created personas. Since there are millions of users on LinkedIn, leads can be found with the help of advanced filters.

3.       The last step is structuring the outreach campaign, where the messages and the follow-up rate are decided.

Importance of LinkedIn Prospecting

Since LinkedIn is a professional network for nurturing relationships, it can prove to be a great platform for forging connections with key decision-makers across various industries. It allows you to communicate with a large audience and also makes it easier to find the exact buyer personas you are looking for. Besides, LinkedIn can also be used to analyse the customer base of a competitor and their prospecting strategy.

When you go about finding the prospects on LinkedIn, you will be able to learn about their interests and accomplishments which will allow you to better connect with them. The clients will similarly also be able to learn about you by viewing your profile.

STEP 1 Optimise your LinkedIn profile for prospecting

When you reach out to any prospective client, the first thing they will be looking at is your LinkedIn profile. If they do not know you personally or professionally, you can expect that they will carry out due diligence. After they have determined why you reached out to them, they might decide to respond to you. Thus, it is important to optimise your profile and ensure that it looks professional in every way.

When optimising your profile, the best way to go about it is by thinking from the perspective of the target audience. Consider what kind of solutions they might be looking for, and then come up with keywords to capture their attention. Use these in your headline and, if you are adding one, mention them in your profile video.

STEP 2 – LinkedIn connection request

Sending out messages after narrowing down a prospect can be quite tricky. The person you are sending the connection request to most likely does not know you, and they are not aware of the solution you are providing. Besides, LinkedIn has also been cracking down on any kind of ‘spam’ messages. This is why it is important to conduct thorough research before sending out a connection request or doing a cold outreach campaign.

Something that can benefit in reaching out to a prospect is a mutual connection. You can mention the name of the mutual connection in the outreach message. If there is no mutual connection, you can look for other commonalities with the prospect, so that you can make your outreach message more personalised.

What messages actually work?

Those that aren’t salesy.  Following are some ideas that garner acceptance:


Hi Name

LinkedIn has suggested your profile a few times to me this week – probably as I am working closely with a number of other {titles} {based in location}

Best regards/thanks in advance, Your name

Hi Name

I’m looking to connect with a small number of {titles} and, having read your profile, I’d love to connect if you’re similarly open to it.

Best regards/thanks in advance, Your name

Hi Name

I really enjoyed your recent article/post/podcast on – genuinely, thanks for sharing! I’d love to connect as well here if you’re similarly open to it.

Best regards, Your Name


⏩ Start liking / commenting on their posts


Offer to introduce them to someone in your network or send them a resource.


Hi Name,

Thanks, appreciate the connection, lovely to meet you. I’ve just been circulating a copy of XYZ to my clients this week and it may be of similar interest to you – would you like a copy? 

Hi Name,

Lovely to meet you. I have a pretty substantial network of ……..If ever you would like an intro, let me know. 

Best, Your name



Hi Name

As a new connection, I thought I’d initiate some conversation if you have a few mins! What’s your biggest gripe / challenge with XYZ at the moment?

💡 Pro-tip 💡

Record a short 1min welcome video eg. using Loom on desktop or send a voice message straight from the LinkedIn mobile app

FOLLOW UP 2 (sent a good few weeks later)

Hi Name

What sort of clients do you work with? I’d love to learn more about your business as I try and send referrals to people in my network. Would you be interested in having a 10min chat next Tuesday (name the day, it feels less like you have sent it to 50 people)

Hi Name

I’m just putting the final flourishes to a resource called  XYZ – would you like a copy once it’s done?

NB. People like to be asked, offered something or united but not sold to

Use softening phrases such as ‘I thought this may appeal but no issue if it doesn’t…) or ‘no need to reply if you’re swamped at the moment.

FOLLOW UP 3 – The “Yes, that’s me” message

I’ve been working with accounting partners to raise their visibility without spending hours on social media – would you like some help with this?

I help asset managers leverage LinkedIn to ut them a step ahead vis-av-vis their competitors – would you like some support with this?

I’m looking to teach the 4 components of a successful LinkedIn strategy to a handful of senior XYZs who want to leverage LinkedIn in 2022, would you like to know more?

2. Create content: This will allow you to strengthen your presence on the platform, which will make it easier to reach out to your target audience. Think about creating long-form, industry-related content. You can also post presentations and videos, and join groups to get involved in the discussions.

3. Keep the safety practices in mind: If you send out many spam messages or mass connection requests, it could lead to the suspension or ban of your account. If you want to avoid this situation, it is always best to follow the right etiquette and safety practices when carrying out prospecting on LinkedIn.


With this, we have covered everything there is to know to start effectively prospecting on LinkedIn. Using these tips, you will be able to carry out an excellent outreach campaign and generate better leads and identify your ideal client on the platform.

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