How to Leverage LinkedIn’s New Features – May 2022

LinkedIn has been a very busy bee in Q1 & 2 this year, rolling out a host of new features and making changes all over the show. If you’re a bit bamboozled or, in fact, don’t actually know about them, you’ve come to the right newsletter!

I will give you a run-through of the most significant changes and features that you might wish to leverage for yourself to push yourself a step ahead of your competitors and explain how to add them

1. Add a Website Address to your Intro

LinkedIn now lets you add a website link that will appear at the top of your profile. And you can customize the text. The key is to think beyond just your website and add a lead magnet (A what, Mel?! An item that people want to click on / download and you can gain valuable info eg. email address), details of your webinars, books, blogs etc. It’s on a slow rollout (I don’t have it yet 😭) but this is what it looks like:

First, make sure you have Creator Mode turned on. Then:

⏩ Go to your profile.

⏩ Click on the edit icon (pencil) of your introduction.

⏩ Scroll down to the Website section.

⏩ Add your URL and link text.

⏩ Click Save.

Many thanks to Gillian Whitney who permitted me to use this image to see what it looks like in Dark Mode.

What is Dark Mode?


2. Dark Mode

You now have the option to switch between dark and light mode.

To switch to either dark or light mode:

⏩ Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

⏩ Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu.

⏩Under Account Preferences on the left, click Display.

⏩ In the Display section, click Change next to Dark Mode.

From here you can select:

⏩Device settings: The settings will be similar to the device setting/theme.

⬛ Dark mode: To switch to dark mode.

💡 Light mode: To switch to light mode (selected, by default).

3. Comment as a Company Page on a Post

There have been 2 changes:

  1. If you have the new feature, where you’re profile photo shows below a post, this will morph into a dropdown box and you’ll be able to comment as your company.
  2. If you don’t have the feature, you can still do it but be aware that the code that you need to put at the end of the post URL has changed from ?actorCompanyId={your company number} to ?actorCompanyId={yourcompany number}. You can watch a step by step video showing you exactly how to do this here

4. Source of Hire Feature

The Source of Hire feature gives you an option to mention whether you found your job on or off LinkedIn. The option to share your source of hire will appear while you’re adding a new position to your profile’s Experience section.

After you’ve saved a new position on your profile, a Source of Hire pop-up will prompt you to input where you found your job. If you choose to answer, select Yes or No from the pop-up. If you select ‘Yes’ to finding the job on LinkedIn, you’ll have the option to show your source of hire on your profile. If you select ‘No’ to finding the job on LinkedIn, you’ll be asked where else you may have found the job. This information won’t be shared with your network (allegedly).

LinkedIn is adding links on profiles that have enabled creator mode. The goal is to increase visibility for a creator’s business, personal website, online store, event or another type of resource, according to LinkedIn.

5. Audio Events

On roll-out so you (don’t cry), you may or may not have access! To create an Audio Event:

  1. Click the 
  2.  Home icon at the top of the page.
  3. From the panel on the left side, click the 
  4.  Add icon next to Events.
  5. Add the event’s name and details such as date, time, and description. An Audio Event can be held for a maximum of three hours.
  6. Under Event format, select Audio Event.
  7. Click Post: Creating an event will automatically share a one-time post that will appear in your followers’ feeds just like any other post to help build awareness for your event. Please take some time to check the details you entered. Once the event is created, you can’t change some of the details later.

6. Create a Lead Gen Form for Your LinkedIn Page

I am waiting patiently for this as it is a game-changer!

Lead Gen Forms allow you to collect quality leads from members who visit your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page. Members can open and submit a pre-filled form with their information.

To create a Lead Gen Form for your Page, please watch the super snappy video below!

After members fill out your Lead Gen Form, you can download your leads.

7. Manage your Company Page From your Mobile

8. Hidden New Feature! Future of Skills

This is really going to set you apart as few people know it even exists!

It’s a nifty little free interactive analytic tool which allows LinkedIn members to easily identify the Top 10 Skills within a selected Title, Industry, and Location.

What can you do with the info? If you’re hiring, use it in creating job descriptions; job seekers can build a skillset in line with their goals and prepare their CVs, LinkedIn ‘About’ sections and interview prep accordingly.

Go and play!!

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