How to Increase your Visibility and the ROI of your LinkedIn Presence in 2022 – Strategy, Reflection & Implementation

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I have always prided myself on not talking a load of marketing guff. Originally a property finance lawyer (who knew?), I still prefer content that is practical and easily implementable (looks odd but is a word, I promise!) by the layperson and that is what I will base each of these subsequent newsletters on.

I have been reticent to launch as I am conscious of the recent flux of requests to subscribe to newsletters that flooded people’s inboxes a couple of months back so I have bided my time but what better time is there than the start of a new year?

Starting as I mean to go on, this week I will share some knowledge and practical tips about creating and finding newsletters for yourself. 

  1. How to Create Your Own Newsletter:

⇒ Click Write an article at the top of the homepage. This takes you to the publishing tool.

⇒ Click Create a newsletter

⇒ Add a title, description, publishing cadence, and logo for your newsletter and click Done.

Once you publish your first article, a page for your newsletter is automatically created with an overview of your newsletter, your profile information and a list of the articles in the newsletter. 

NB. You must have “creator mode” turned on to have access (if you don’t know what I’m wittering on about, send me a private message and I’ll explain Creator Mode to you in short and simple terms). 

Golden nugget 🔑 : You can use your newsletter page to provide a preview of your newsletter and share it on or off LinkedIn to increase your reach. You can also share your newsletter article on your other social channels to drive more engagement across your entire audience.

2. To Publish an Article within your Newsletter:

⇒ Click Write an article at the top of the homepage. This takes you to the publishing tool.

⇒ You’ll see the title of your newsletter near the Publish button.

  1. Once the article is ready to be published, click Publish at the top of the screen.

3. How will People Know about your New Newsletter?

By default, your connections and followers will be invited by notification to subscribe to your news. If they subscribe, in theory,  they’ll receive a notification and email when you write a new newsletter article. (You can uncheck this option if you do not want to invite your connections and followers to subscribe to your newsletter.)


⇛ Upload a cover photo for each individual article in your newsletter (744 x 400 pixels recommended)

⇛ Upload a logo for your newsletter to increase engagement (300×300 pixels recommended)

 4. How can you find a Newsletter to Subscribe to?

Assuming you want to join others apart from mine (!), options are:

⇒ Clicking on a newsletter you see in the LinkedIn feed or in a LinkedIn message

⇒ Clicking on the name of a newsletter on an individual newsletter article

⇒ Clicking on a newsletter recommendation in the My Network tab

⇒ Clicking on a newsletter you’re subscribed to in the “Manage my network” section of the My Network

Golden nugget 🔑 : There is a hidden directory that even LinkedIn don’t publicise in their help section:

Although people need to be logged into LinkedIn to subscribe or comment you can share a newsletter as follows: 

  1. Click the Share button at the top of the page and select how you would like to share the page from the menu.
  2. iOS – Tap the Share button at the top of the page and select how you would like to share the page from the menu. (feel free to share this one ;))
  3. Android –  Tap the Share button at the top of the page and select how you’d like to share the page from the menu.

Is this just another faff or are there material benefits of writing a LinkedIn Newsletter?

In my opinion, there are and the main ones are audience awareness and content syndication. As  LinkedIn’s members can subscribe to your newsletter and are notified about new articles that you publish there, it’s an effective means to build and grow your audience.

LinkedIn will also invite your followers and connections to subscribe to your newsletter and promote your newsletter to relevant readers. That’s a big deal. They’ll also give you real-time feedback and comments from your readers to help you understand who your subscribers are along with analytics.

Without pretension, my motto is always “scientia sit potentia” – knowledge is power!  

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Thanks for reading!

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