How to Increase the Number of Your Company Page Followers

You have 500+ connections but your company page has…5?

I know that it’s a constant bugbear of LinkedIn members that it’s notoriously hard to rapidly increase the number of followers of your company page so this newsletter is dedicated to giving you practical easily implementable steps to doing just that.

1. Employee advocacy

Definition: Employee advocacy is the promotion of an business by its workforce.

The result is a boost in brand reputation with both clients and potential new employees. Encourage your staff to use your own custom hashtag eg. #Trevisan

A good example is that of Reebok who encourage staff to post with the hashtag #FitAssCompany. The posts showcase Reebok’s commitment to helping employees and customers achieve fitness goals as well as providing a picture of the company culture.

Another way to motivate your employees to get involved in raising your profile is to just show them recognition. Take a look at Clermont Trust who do a monthly employee interview post:

Recognition or a re-share on the main company social accounts can also be a great motivator.

Provide an extensive content library of approved resources your employees can share with just a couple of clicks or taps but the key is to teach them how to share your Company page posts in the best possible way:


The share button on LinkedIn is the mouth of death for post reach. Instead teach your employees to do as follows:

  1. Go to the top right of every post and click on the 3 dots

2. Choose Copy Link to Post from the drop-down

3. Go to their home page on their personal profile and press “start a new post” and paste the link in.

⏩ LinkedIn sees this as fresh content rather than duplicate content and therefore does not penalise your / your employee’s post’s reach.

2. Ensure You Have a Fully Optimised LinkedIn profile and tag your company page in posts

Once you have fully optimised your Linkedin profiles eg. added all relevant skills customised your URL, written an engaging about section etc. When you post press “@” and in the gropdown choose your (correct) company page name so that it is then hyprlinkedin the post for poeple tp click through to.

3. Invite your connections to follow your company page

LinkedIn allows you to invite your connections to follow your company page at a rate of 100 / 250 per month (depending on your account). You can filter by industry, location or company and is the quickest way to increase your following. Go to the bottom right hand side of the company page to see the option.

3. Be techy with no training and use SEO

Add “alt text” to your images when prompted before you press post – Google scrapes content from the posts on your company page. on posts

4. Comment on posts as your company page

Commenting as a company on LinkedIn is a great way to gain regular visibility for your brand – visibility creates opportunity!! 🔥

Time needed: 5 minutes .

There are 2 methods, the 1st is as follows:

1️⃣ Find a post you want to comment on as your business / Company Page

2️⃣ Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the post and choose ‘copy link to post.’  

3️⃣ Paste the link into new tab

4️⃣ Go to your Company page and copy the page ID string of numbers.

5️⃣ Go to Notepad or TextExpander and type: ?actorCompanyId= At the end of the = add your company page ID numbers and copy the string.

6️⃣ Go back to the blank URL tab that has the URL of the post and add /?actorCompanyId=123456 (your company page number) and press enter.

et voila, you can comment as a company!

Method 2 is simpler but more limited in scope and is also explained within the video 👇🏼

5. Publish content highlighting all the milestones & activities that are happening within your business

This could be the CEO’s birthday or highlights of an employee’s experience of a recent conference.

6. No Content? Share an industry article

Don’t fret, for those times where you don’t have your own content to share, I recommend using a site such as Feedly to get industry relevant article presented to you ready for resharing

Take this a step further and require / ask all employees to put this in their signatures.

8. Ask LinkedIn ‘influencers’ / thought leaders to engage with your posts

When someone likes or comments on your post, their network will the see a notification that they have reacted to that post so having a collaboration / close friendship with LinkedIn influencers, mentioning them in the caption will give them a hook with which to engage with your post.

With LinkedIn, visibility creates opportunity so if you take an objective look at your company page and its recent growth an think that it could be expedited to really make it work for you, please either book an into call with me here or book a corporate training directly here.


I hope that you found these LinkedIn tips useful. If so, do click on the 🔔 on my profile to be notified of my new posts and follow #Trevisan to see LinkedIn strategy tips that amplify your presence here in your feed.

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