Trevisan  | How to Find & Most Effectively Use Your Personal LinkedIn QR Code
How to Find & Most Effectively Use Your Personal LinkedIn QR Code
Trevisan  | How to Find & Most Effectively Use Your Personal LinkedIn QR Code

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Last week I was at a networking event and during the course of conversations showed a good few people how they could use their LinkedIn QR code instead of a business card – they hadn’t known this was even a possibility!!

Quick Reference (QR) Codes give an additional choice to networkers i.e. exchanging profiles & pages without sharing contact details instantly. If you know prospective clients, peers, HNIs & senior personnel who may prefer viewing your profile before interacting via phone or e-mail, share your QR Code with them. QR Codes give them instant access to your page because:

1.    QR codes can be scanned from online & offline communications & materials. It is a good idea to add them to business cards, badges, advertisements, billboards, flyers, stickers etc. As I like to prepare for every eventuality, I save it to my photos in case I have no wifi!

2.    You can share them as images on social media pages, third-party apps & websites that may suppress your links or seek additional permissions to open the links.

3.    Unlike names & links, they can fit smaller physical & virtual spaces like a logo.

Owing to their utility across digital payments, QR codes are quickly becoming a mainstream tool & people prefer businesses & networkers that offer more choices.

How to Scan a LinkedIn QR Code?

If you want to visit their link with your LinkedIn Profile, use the LinkedIn App to scan the QR Code. Tap the Search Bar on top & click the small square icon on the right. The icon is easy to spot as it looks like a QR Code. Then click on the Scan tab & aim your camera towards the QR Code until it fits the scanner window. You could also tap the “Add code from gallery” link, follow the prompts & upload a QR Code image from your files. The scanning & opening of the link is “quick” & seamless.

In case you wish to open the link with your browser, use the camera feature of your Apple or Android by pointing the camera to the QR Code. Thereafter, iPhone users can tap the link in the notification that appears under the code. If you are using an android, click on the pop-up banner, sign in with your Google account & follow the instructions to open the link. In some Android phones, there may be an added step to click on the Lens Icon to scan the QR Code.

Some Expert Tips:

✔ Firstly, you can visit QR Links anonymously without changing your Profile Settings: Before you scan the QR code with your mobile phone’s camera feature, log out from LinkedIn on your browser. While you may not get the complete profile, you can view the key information of the LinkedIn profile. If you wish to see the complete profile & become a visible visitor to the profile owner, click on the profile & follow the prompts to open it in your app.

✔ Secondly, you can switch off your creator mode before participating in a LinkedIn Event. This will provide other event participants with the option to connect with you, rather than just following you, when they scan your QR code. Kudos to Kevin D Turner from whom I learnt this tip. Just don’t forget to turn Creaor mode back on afterwards!!

How to Create & Share Your LinkedIn Page QR Codes?

Here’s a short video followed by a written explanation:

LinkedIn generates your QR Code automatically. You can find it by tapping the Search Bar on App & pressing the “QR Code” icon in the bar. Next, you get the LinkedIn QR Code page with the default view of “My Code” with your Profile Image, Headline & Code. You can use the “Share My code” link on this page & distribute your Code across contact lists & groups. You can also use the “Save to Gallery” feature to save an image file of the Code & place the image in your mailers, documents & marketing collateral.

Trevisan  | How to Find & Most Effectively Use Your Personal LinkedIn QR Code

For other pages eg. your Service Page, Company Page, Events etc. you can utilise free QR code generators like ForQRCodeQR Code MonkeyBeaconstacZebraQRVisualead etc.

Today, many QR Code generators are available on the web & the app store. Usually, these generators allow users to follow instructions & easily create a few Static QR Codes for free. These codes are Static because they cannot be customised or edited later like Dynamic QR Codes. If you want to generate tens of hundreds of QR Codes or Dynamic QR Codes, it is better to become a paid member of these Code generators.

Further Expert Tips:

✔ Use the auto-generated LinkedIn QR Code for your profile. Unlike 3rd party QR code generators, the LinkedIn Code has your profile image & headline with the Code. This makes your QR Code easy to spot by the human eye, even in a file folder that is full of QR code images. Moreover, the LinkedIn QR code has no expiry date.

✔ QR Code generators have paid features to customise codes with the addition of logos or “text as images” to the Code. Once you become familiar with the Code generators, use these features to create highly visible QR Codes that also help viewers figure out why they are scanning your Code – you can even add music – maybe ask Mark Deeks to make you your own catchy jingle!

Here is another example with text added.


Adding your LinkedIn QR code to your profile renders sharing your profile with others and consequently connecting a much soother experience. (It also makes you appear more tech savvy!)

No more rummaging through your pockets or handbag for a business card or asking someone how to spell their name.

Most of us are visually driven and scanning a QR code is an unquestionably convenient method of connecting with somebody.

Trevisan  | How to Find & Most Effectively Use Your Personal LinkedIn QR Code

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