Email + LinkedIn – How to Get the Best Out of Both Tools

Why is the LinkedIn Button a great addition to your E-mail Signature?

I’m publishing this interim newsletter (subscribers will know that they are usually only 1x month) as I published a post on this subject a few days ago and people wanted to know about it in more detail. As you know, my newsletter always focuses on the practical – real implementable strategies to increase your LinkedIn ROI.

With the current LinkedIn invitation limits (c. 120 p/wk but not a published number and it varies from member to member), having a follow button in your email signature is both an effective way to subtly increase your personal network and a valuable way for companies to increase their page followers.

For the Company Page:

You’re missing a huge opportunity when you don’t include your company’s LinkedIn page URL and link in your employees’ email signatures! By having it, you are:

✅ Leveraging your employees’ networks and relations

✅ Building your brand in the eyes of your prospects

✅ Improving and developing your relationship with prospects (when they follow your company’s LinkedIn profile, they’ll see all your beautiful, informative content!)

An optimised LinkedIn Company Page acts as a great marketing funnel for the Company website. It is also a great page for viewers to identify and connect directly with relevant employees of the company. Adding the LinkedIn Company page link to your email signature can transform a standard e-mail into a lead nurturing e-mail.

E-mails from employees are more personal than mass emails from general company ids i.e. info@, contact@ etc. Viewers of these e-mails are more likely to be warmer and to open the mails and click on the ‘Follow’ button. In other words, these e-mails have a better Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and a higher volume of qualified followers for the Company Page. Eventually, employees can be fostered as brand advocates for the company.

To download the official LinkedIn logos, you can find them all here:

Top Tip: Put this in your company’s social media policy that employees should include social media links in correspondence

So what are you waiting for? Use this newsletter as your motivation to ask your staff to edit their email signatures!

𝑩𝒖𝒕…While a company profile link is a great way to promote your firm’s LinkedIn presence, it doesn’t offer the same lead gen opportunity as a personal LinkedIn profile link as you can see on your personal profile who has been viewing you via the “Who’s viewed your profile” feature. With a company.

For Your Personal Profile Page:

An optimised LinkedIn profile acts as a marketing funnel for you as well as helping a potential client verify your credentials and connect directly with you. While the Company Page builds followers, your profile link widens your network of connections.

It also improves your ability to convert 2nd and 3rd-degree connections to 1st-degree connections. Once they become part of your network, you can apply a marketing mix of LinkedIn messages and e-mails to nurture the lead.

In some cases (gasp!), e-mails may be the better choice to communicate with your existing network because of the free tools to customise messages for a segmented audience.  You may also choose to hyperlink your name to the LinkedIn Profile.

NB. Avoid the addition of the public profile badge in your E-mail. It contains elements of Javascript that may be categorized as spam or malware by the recipient’s e-mail service provider. The Follow Button widget is better suited for inclusion on your web pages and blogs. To find your public profile badge, go to View My Profile – Edit URL – Scroll down and it’s on the bottom right:

A Step by Step Guide to Setting up Your Icons:

First, go to your Company Page and copy URL at top of page (that;s the www. bit!) and for your personal Profile Page (Go to Me, View profile and copy URL). Copy the link and paste it into the Notepad, Google Docs or Apple Notes to keep it safe for a minute!

Use a search engine to find a free button or Icon for LinkedIn. This button could be linked to your profile while the company icon can be linked to the company page. You can also create a unique button using a site such as Canva as in the one below and save the image locally to your desktop in a graphic file format such as .jpg or .png.

Use the following steps to add the buttons to your Email Signature:

For Outlook

Open Outlook on your Browser window, click File – go down to Options and then – Mail – Signatures.

1.      Next, click on Edit Signature

2.      If you have an existing email signature, select it from the list. If you don’t have one, select “new” and type in the text you’d like your signature to include.

3. Next, select where in your signature you’d like the LinkedIn button to appear. Click the “insert graphic” button

4.      Then right-click on the icon, select size and adjust the size of the icon.

5.      Left-Click the icon, select the link icon at the bottom right of the field and press the link Icon.

6.      Then paste in the relevant prifle URL that you saved earlier and click Ok.

Ta daa! You now have a live button link in your email signature that will take visitors straight to your LinkedIn Personal / Company Profile page.

For Mac

All Apple Devices use the same Mail App for your e-mailing services. It is easier to edit or add an e-mail signature from the Mac:

1.      Open the Mail App, select Mail & use the Preferences Tab. Select an e-mail account from the list of email ids on the left.

2.      Click “+” in the middle column, name the signature and customize the signature in the right column.

3.      Copy and Paste the Icon within the right column.

4.      Select the icon, click on edit on the top menu, use the “add link” button, fill in the right URL for the icon and click save.

5.      Repeat the same process for your Signature name.

6.      If the All Signatures option is on, select and drag the entire signature to your e-mail account.

I look at every email as a marketing opportunity and a chance to build your brand’s story. I may advocate LinkedIn but a marketing strategy works best when each channel works to support the efforts of all the others. Using clickable icons on emails will doubtless increase the reach of your content.

Ideally, move your LinkedIn connections over to email, grow your subscriber list and don’t put all your eggs in one basket🧺

If you’re interested in learning more about the marrying of email and LinkedIn, GDPR and all that jazz, keep subscribed and I’ll be covering it in the next newsletter.

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