Trevisan | Are You Leveraging LinkedIn's New Features?
Are You Leveraging LinkedIn’s New Features?
Trevisan | Are You Leveraging LinkedIn's New Features?

The Latest Features on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has rolled out so many new features recently to improve the overall experience and engagement of users. While some features have been launched globally, others are in the Beta phase or a staggered introduction across different regions.

As you know, my newsletter always focuses on the practical – real implementable strategies to increase your LinkedIn ROI, sometimes focusing on the what but always focusing on the how! I’ve rounded them all up in this week’s newsletter so that you can see what’s available on your own homepage or in your LinkedIn mobile app.

What’s New for Marketing Content?

  1. Repost: Earlier, LinkedIn prompted users to add their own text to a reshared post but now you can skip this step by using the Repost option in the Share tab menu. Click on the Share button of the relevant post and select the Repost option and immediately it will be reshared and benefits the poster with regards to reach and views rather than yourself – sharing is indeed caring in this case! If you wish to share the post as a link preview within your post, then you can opt for the Share with your thoughts tab.
  2. Post Templates: Templates are a useful tool for creating instant posts for information that needs to be shared without further delay. This year, LinkedIn has added the functionality to create posts on readymade templates. While the Use a Template tab is immediately visible in the Post window of the App, it is part of the three-dot More Icon menu of the “Start a Post” Post pop-up.
  3. Share Event on Facebook: In the case of LinkedIn Events, you can now skip the Copy Link Step and directly share the Event on Twitter and Facebook. Open the relevant LinkedIn Event, click on Share, scroll down to Other Options and select the tab for Facebook or Twitter. Then follow the prompts on that social media to post the LinkedIn Event.
  4. LinkedIn is also planning to introduce a “Share outside LinkedIn” button for other LinkedIn pages. Tagging in newsletters and articles is now possible – Melanie Goodman – see?!Share Newsletters that You Follow: You can use this feature from the Mobile App. Open your My Network window, tap on Manage My Network and press the Newsletters tab. Then, find the relevant newsletter in the list, click on the three-dot More Icon and select the “Share in a Post” Option.

Trevisan | Are You Leveraging LinkedIn's New Features?

6. Add Your Newsletter to Featured Section: The latest Add icon drop-down of your Profile’s featured section carries a Newsletter tab. Press the Plus icon next to it and include your Newsletter in the featured section. This feature is on a staggered rollout.

7. Group Prompt for a Post: Previously, users had to use different tabs to post or repost content in their groups. Now, you can select groups from your “successful post” pop-up and share them in the groups that permit you to post content.

 8. Ukrainian added to the Supported Languages: LinkedIn Allows the creation of profiles across 26 different languages, including Ukrainian.

9. Pin a Comment: Before its global launchLinkedIn allowed users of certain regions to pin important comments to the top of their posts. Check if you can pin comments to your post (I’m still waiting!). Go to the relevant comment, click on the 3 dots in the top right and select the Pin comment option in the drop-down.

10. Add Links to Rich Media (Beta): This feature is available to select users of LinkedIn’s Beta version. It allows you to add Links to Rich media attachments to your post, whether it’s an image or a video. You can see it in action in my post here and ⬇⬇

Trevisan | Are You Leveraging LinkedIn's New Features?

11. Save a Post: LinkedIn has already tested this feature in the USA and it is undergoing a staggered rollout globally – yay I have this one! Do you?

Now, you can save the draft of a post. While you are creating a post, click on the X button on the top right and select the “Save as draft” option.

12. Schedule Post (Beta): Once this feature gets rolled out, users will no longer feel the need for a third-party scheduling platform. If you have this feature, it will show up like a clock icon next to your Post button. Click on it and schedule the date and time of your post in the pop-up.

13. Tabbed Feed (Beta): Blake Barnes, VP of Products at LinkedIn, shared a post about the Beta version redesign of the home page with separate categories of your LinkedIn feed content. Once these tabs are introduced, it will become easier for you to navigate between different types of content.

14. Audio Events with Live Captions: LinkedIn in had introduced English auto-captions for Live events in 2021. Now you can avail yourself of the same feature for your Audio Events by clicking on the More Icon, pressing the captions tab and selecting the auto-caption option.

15. Speaker on Stage Notification for Audio Event: 15 minutes prior to the start of an event, speakers will now get notified to join an Event, in addition to the Host on Stage notification. Although this feature is in its test phase, it will allow speakers to join an event in the pre-live stage.

16. Create a Carousel: This Beta test feature is expected to be rolled out globally. It will allow you to create Carousel Posts from the ‘more’ icon menu of your Post window.

What’s New for Networking?.

1. More Options Search Filters for People: LinkedIn has expanded the filter options to search for other LinkedIn users. Go to your Search bar, click on the filter icon to select People and edit the options to filter people by the connections they have as well as the people they follow.

2. Networking Tab: Now, LinkedIn events allow you to network directly with other participants. You have multiple options i.e. the three-dot icon, networking icon or Message tab to engage them directly.

3. Follow Me on LinkedIn Button: This is my favourite new feature!! Now you can create a custom button to enable viewers of your content to directly follow you on LinkedIn. Copy the following link and replace the information after the “=” sign with your URL text after the last “/” in your LinkedIn URL. melaniegoodman-training-marketing

4. Number of Unread Messages: Apart from a separate filter of unread messages, the latest update of your LinkedIn Messenger also shows the number of unread messages in a single thread.

5. Commenting as a Company Page: In case it skipped by you, now, admins of a Company Page can use the drop-down below the comment reactions to toggle between options to comment as an individual or Company.

What’s New for Job Seekers?

  1. Meet the Hiring Team: This feature displays members of the hiring team to the job applicant. It also informs you of the degree of networking between you and the hiring team. In some regions, this feature is only available to premium job seekers.
  2. Demonstrate Soft Skills: This feature allows users to showcase their soft skills for HR, Project Management, Sales and Marketing by answering questions in written or video format. Amidst a staggered rollout, it is already launched in the UK market. After you upload your responses for the demonstration, your profile will mention the number of skills demonstrated and also make you visible to Recruiters on Talent Solutions.
  3. Assign Skills: Now you can mention your top skills in the Experience Section of your Profile. Click on the pencil-shaped edit button of your Experience section followed by the Edit icon for a role. Then scroll down and add a list of skills apt for the profile. LinkedIn recommends that you add the top 5 most endorsed skills for each role.
  4. Add Product as a Skill: This feature is available to users with Product Pages in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Insurance, Computer Hardware, and B2B Software. You can update the Assign Skills section with 3 Products.
  5. Website Link on Your Profile’s ‘Top Card’: In the new LinkedIn update, you can skip the Edit contact info step and update the website link in the Top Card pop-up itself. Click on the Edit icon under the Banner image, scroll down to the Website Section and enter your website details and their appearance on your top card. When all entries look correct, click save and review your Profile Page.
  6. Pathfinder for LinkedIn Learning: The Work Icon is an old feature of the LinkedIn Interface, but now it will lead to the following link for the Pathfinder.

You can follow the prompts on the pathfinder page to discover skills that can bridge your current professional state to your career goals. These prompts shall also guide you to “Set Career Goals” and personalise your learning experience.

General Profile

  1. More Creator Analytics: If your creator mode is on, you can click on the Analytics link of your posts to see performance metrics and engagement demographics for them with many i.e. Location, Company, Company Size, Seniority, Industry and Job Title. This feature is on a staggered rollout since July 2022.
  2. Career Break Section: LinkedIn has added a career break section to the Profile. Press the “Add a Profile Section” on your Profile page, update the details under “Add a Career Break” and click save.
  3. Profile Video: An upgrade on your LinkedIn cover story, this feature lets your profile viewers message and follow you from the video. Like other content, a profile video will also allow you access to its viewer analytics. Click on the plus icon on your Profile photo and press the “Add Profile Video” button. Click on Prompts to shortlist your answers, record responses and upload the video. Thereafter, a blue ring shall appear around your profile picture.
  4. Media on Services Page: Click on the Providing Services Tab on your Profile, open the Service Page and go to the Media Section. Then add Media that aligns with your services and client reviews.
  5. Add a weblink under your headline: To do this, you must enable ‘Creator Mode’. The goal is to increase visibility for a creator’s business, personal website, online store, event or another type of resource, according to LinkedIn.

Where it appears, the link will appear in the introduction section, beneath your user name and description and above your number of followers and connections. The link will no longer appear on your profile if you turn off creator mode. 

What’s New for Groups?

  1. Automated Welcome Message: Now, LinkedIn Group Admins can enable automated welcome messages, visible to new members on the Group page.
  2. Automated Membership Acceptance: You can also prescribe qualifying criteria for membership by updating them in the Select Approval Criteria section. As a Group admin, click on the edit icon for the group, scroll down and click on select approval criteria, update the pop-up and click save.

What’s New for Companies?

  1. Lead Gen Form for Pages: Unlike Lead Gen Form Ads of Campaign Manager, this feature can be accessed from the Edit Page pop-up of your Company Page. Go to the Lead Section, follow the prompts and click the save button. Before creating a Lead Gen form, you need to create a Privacy Policy URL on your Company’s Website.
  2. Admin Features on App: Earlier Company Page admins had to access the Admin View via Browser. Now, the default window of Company Pages on the App is the Admin View i.e. the option appearing for the viewer is “View as member”. This feature is undergoing a staggered rollout across the globe.
  3. Workplace Tab: When you open the Company Page in Admin View, you can now scroll down and see the Workplace tab with an Edit icon next to it. Click on it, press Workplace in the Pop-up Menu and update the fields about your Company’s Workplace Policy.
  4. Affiliated Company Tab on Service Page: Now you can link your Service page with your Company Page by including it in the Service Page links. On the other hand, you can click on the View Services button of the Company Page and update with your Service Page link.
  5. Employee Verification: Click on the Admin tools of your Company Page, scroll down to settings and press the “Employee Verification” tab. Next, fill in a domain name that permits users to access the My Company Tab and post jobs.

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