Quick Guide: How To Engage With Your Ideal Client Through Social Media

You will have an array of different clients no matter what kind of service or product you provide. Their united requirement is the need to know what you offer as a company and why they should choose you over the competition. Aside from this, the client is looking for a brand they feel confident in using. It is what seals the deal when choosing to buy or obtain a service.

The following tips will help you engage your current and future clients:

1.Engage through different platforms and media

The use of different types of media is not only refreshing but speaks to the differences in all of us. Don’t rely solely on sharing articles. Currently, video is the preferred vehicle for transmitting clear, to the point messages to our followers and future clients and will be the trend in coming years. The use of Instagram or Twitter is more prevalent than ever. Instagram offers different types of accounts depending on how personal you wish your posts to be and will influence how the public will see you, as a company or as a person that has a company. Most large companies use a corporate account, but their influencers or people inside of the company provide a human touch and identity to the corporation through the use of their accounts.

2.Respond to Comments and Messages

As you would at the start of any business or personal relationship, keeping a back and forth communication is essential to earn trust and to build rapport. Something as simple as a quick reply back to new followers or likes can make an impact on how the client will perceive your company. Join and participate in discussions on #LinkedIn groups.

3.Maintain a Consistent Voice

We’ve established that clients are looking for trust before they decide to consume a specific product or hire a service. Another way to continue building confidence with the client is to be consistent. That means delivering what we say we will provide and remaining steadfast throughout the platforms we choose to use. It is a challenge when hiring companies to manage social media content, but it is necessary to ensure that the message we are sending is appropriate. The material must be what the client sees consistently throughout all our online and offline presence.

I always make sure that clients know my personal background and why my company can serve them best – my posts are usually finance orientated with an interspersing of lifestyle and interest posts.

People are not one-dimensional.

4.Follow A Publishing Schedule

People ask me every day how often they should post. There is no hard and fast rule but having a schedule to maintain visibility and relevance on the web is a must. It is essential to have a steady flow of information available from your company to the client without becoming a nuisance to them. It requires well-thought-out strategies and quality content that add to the client’s experience.

5.Be Intentional

One of the most valuable things we can do is to know our customers. Although the internet is changing to have a more human touch, through video, profiles, and pictures that let us know who we are talking to, it is impossible to know who exactly is on our site or read our latest blog post. We can, however, have a distinct idea of who our regular customers are and what the profile of our clients tends to be. The information is vital in creating content and client experience that is fitting to them.

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