Trevisan | How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views
How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views
Trevisan | How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

The profile of your LinkedIn page is like a magazine cover. An attractive front page lures the reader in, catching their eye, making them want to scour through the pages. A magazine that looks old and dated will not attract much attention to itself.

Your LinkedIn profile is the same. Unless you present, at first glance, exactly what your target audience is looking for, you will not achieve much success.

Increasing Your LinkedIn Profile Views

In its heart, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. If you look professional, you will have already awakened the interest of potential employers and business partners. There are a few ways you can pique people’s interests in your services.

Keep Your Profile Updated

The most basic way of finding contacts and companies who cater to your interests is by keeping your profile updated. Having a profile with outdated information reflects badly on you and turns prospective contacts away. Your current job posting and job title, and your industry with its location is basal information your profile must display.

Professional Headline: The job of any headline is to entice people to click. As a minimum, you can use your headline to highlight your current position and company (e.g., “Director of Financial Strategy at ABCXYZ Corp.”), but you can and should go further. Highlight your expertise or awards or showcase skills you want to turn up in searches (e.g., “Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant”). Tell everyone on LinkedIn who you are, what you do, and why you’re someone they need to connect with. Tell them the problem you solve. If you want to learn in more detail about the magic “headline formula”, I go into more detail in my weekly webinars (details below).


Having a professional display picture as a header on your LinkedIn profile does not mean that you pose in formal business attire to convey seriousness. Also, your photos should not look like they are better suited on a dating site. A good display picture should have equal elements of business and fun- you are trustworthy and reliable, but not a complete workaholic. The perfect photo is one that shows your face in optimal lighting. Any pictures of you with relevant businessmen or talking in front of a crowd can drastically increase your add-back percentage.

Find Relevant Groups

LinkedIn is all about making connections. Half of your job is done if you find relevant groups that match your professional interests. If you are not yet a part of groups that cater to your professional life, you must be missing out on some great opportunities which could have been yours. When starting out with groups, join groups with fewer people and broad niches. This will make you the big fish in a little pond. Over time, start joining larger groups, which will make you little fish in a big pond.

Engage in Discussions

Unless you put your perspective out there, you will never know whether your views concur with the crowd, are completely wrong, or put fresh twists to an existing matter. The more you interact with people, the more you will remain in their minds. This provides greater recall, which will get you better contacts. When engaging in discussions, do not pretend to know more than you actually do, and do not pretend to be someone else. People can see through the former immediately, rendering you pretentious and unlikable. The latter may get you the contacts you need online, but you will not be able to work your counterfeit charm in real life.

List All Your Work Experience

Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume and should not be treated like one. You can list anything that you have ever worked in professionally, including all awards and accomplishments that you have earned. You do not have to worry about adding all your professional information on one resume page as well- you can simply link your LinkedIn profile.

Fill in All Your Skills

You should fill in all the skills that you have, even if you are a beginner with just three skills including MS Excel. Employers often conduct filter searches according to the relevant skills they require. You may be missing out on a job that you would love, simply because of the “Skills” section in your LinkedIn profile being empty. For the best searches, fill in at least 15- 20 skills that may apply to you, even if it may be great typing skills or excellent people skills. Having a balanced profile with equal general, technical, and soft skills will certainly get you the job that you deserve. Yoju can use innovative skill titles according to your job so don’t just stick to “accounting” or “financial analysis” – I’ve even seen people add “drinking” (definitely not endorsing this addition!)

On average, finding the perfect job takes anywhere from six months to a year. However, you have the opportunity to turn the eyeballs of potential job employers towards yourself with a LinkedIn profile which is up-to-date, concise, and shows off all your work experience. You barely need to spend fifteen minutes of your day on your LinkedIn profile, interacting with a few people and responding to a few posts. Employers are always looking for mature-headed individuals to work for them. If you can show that you have what it takes, you may soon become an employer’s favourite on the site.

If you want to find out more about professionally search engine optimising your profile, join my next webinar at – we cover everything from the optimum LinkedIn settings to a headline that attracts inbound leads and photo sizes.

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