How to Improve Your Firm’s Social Media Presence

Whether or not you wish to remain agnostic, social media is a religion of the modern world. Some people devote all their free time. Most businesses now recognise that it is an opportunity to use this fact to generate leads, attract more customers, improve customers’ loyalty and maximize their profit.

Social network advertising may be a huge step forward for your firm but to make your work even more efficient, you need to manage the result and adjust your campaign according to the analytical data.

In this article, you will find the most effective social media analytics tools which can make your life easier and your business more profitable.

The importance of social network analysis

The CMO Survey claims that in the next 4-5 years the investment given for marketing strategies in social networks will rise from about 10 to more than 18%. It shows that the giants of the market understand the role of social media marketing in a brand development and sales increasing.

Yet, we also know that despite such an active diving of many modern companies into the social network marketing, only a very few of them really understand how to manage such campaigns in a proper way.

As with anything that needs investment, you have to make sure that the data analysis from social networks gives you a chance to optimize your expenses and build an effective strategy for your product marketing.

Before investing in analytical tools for social media, investigate how your competitors lead their marketing campaigns:

Check your rivals

If you don’t want to rely on your intuition, the first thing in your plan has to be a review of competitors. Such an analysis shows all the strengths and weaknesses of theirs. And gives you, at the same time, an opportunity to make your campaign better and avoid pitfalls. Here what you need to do:

Search on Google

Keep an eye on your customers.

You can easily open a profile of your customer on Facebook, for instance, and see what other pages this person is interested in, maybe you will see your competitors here too.

Compete with a few.

You cannot fight all of them, that is why you need to choose a few and try to beat them.

Learn their metrics.

How do they write posts, how often do they do it, what is the length of their posts, are there any images, is it a mainstream picture or a unique photo or image? Observe your rivals and answer these questions, it will help you make your posts perfect from the very beginning. If you do everything correctly, you can clearly see the most effective ways to reach the target audience you want. And the social network which your target audience prefer the most, as well as the posts they like reading.

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