5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Will Help you Build Your Strategy

80% of B2B leads are from LinkedIn – FACT

46% of social media traffic that comes to B2B businesses is from LinkedIn – FACT

From the stats, you can safely assume that having an active presence on LinkedIn is essential for B2B businesses. Has Q2 of 2019 come around and you still haven’t launched your marketing strategy for this year?

Before I share essential tips to building an impressive LinkedIn marketing strategy, let’s explore the 5 E’s of a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

The 5 E’s of an Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B

The five E’s include — Explore, Expand, Engage, Establish, and Expert.

1.    Explore Opportunities

  • Use an advanced search using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find potential clients.
  • Delve deeper with a Boolean search (sound complicated? use a Boolean search tool
  • Review the connections of other professionals on your network.

2.    Expand Network

  • Send daily personalized connection requests to targeted potential clients.
  • Connect with people who you meet in person outside of the network.
  • Join the same LinkedIn groups as your target market eg. The Finance Club (nearly 1m members) – If you need recommendations for industry specific groups here, message me)

3.    Engage Connections

  • Engage in conversations with the professionals you have connected with on the network.
  • Give them value in return for their connection acceptance eg. a report, note of advice, legislation update etc.
  • Do not send a sales pitch.
  • Engage with the content your connections have created and published on the platform.

4.    Establish Relationships

  • Show interest in the connections you have made.
  • Engage in conversations with the connections who have liked, commented, or shared your content.
  • Serve as a medium to connect your connections with other connections in your network.

5.    Expert Positioning

  • Provide value by creating content that offers value to the reader eg. develop an online tool, write a “how to” article, explain an innovation and how it might help them.
  • Share content regularly with your connections.

*Create content by considering the following three points: What interests your connections, what they find important and what problems they experience.

When marketing your business on LinkedIn, do not rush the process and your sales pitch and do take the conversation outside of the platform. Ask your connections to meet you in person or talk on the phone if they live far from you – you are dealing with people, not bots!

Knowing these 5 E’s is important to creating a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B that yields results. You can combine the 5 E’s with these X LinkedIn marketing tips.

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips for B2Bs to Follow to Create a Strategy

Here are five tips that you need to follow to create an impactful LinkedIn marketing strategy:

1.    Engage with Relevant Posts on LinkedIn

You need to find top, high-performing posts in your industry by searching for them using hashtags that are relevant to your industry (eg. insert #privateclient into the search bar and then click on “content” instead of “people”). Comment on those posts. Your comment should add value to the topic of the post.

Make a habit of doing this daily. This will help you build your community, allowing you to execute your marketing strategy in an effective manner.

2.    Write and Publish Articles on LinkedIn

Produce regular content. Find topics that are relevant to your industry and publish them on the platform through written, video, or/and written format (or engage a quality experienced professional writer to produce the relevant content for you).

3.    Add the Link to Your LinkedIn Profile to Your Email Signature

You can increase the number of connections you have by including the link to your LinkedIn profile to your email signature. Doing this will help you receive more exposure and get more connections. Basic but works and is often overlooked!

4.    Do Not Spam People with Messages

Do not spam professionals with messages. No further explanation required.

5.    Use LinkedIn to Host In-Person Meetups

B2Bs understand the importance of hosting conferences to generate leads and clients. You can do the same by hosting a small-scale event for your connections to meet up with you and each other. This will help you secure clients. You can do this through the platform’s organic search or you can advertise your event on LinkedIn to target potential clients in specific locations. You can also request to connet with people with aninvitation to your event (feel free to message me for advice as to how to do this effeatively at scale).

Follow these LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your following on this platform and convert leads into clients for your B2B.

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