Trevisan | Step by Step: How to add a ring around your LinkedIn profile photo - video included
Step by Step: How to add a ring around your LinkedIn profile photo – video included
Trevisan | Step by Step: How to add a ring around your LinkedIn profile photo - video included

If you are an active user on LinkedIn, you must have noticed quite a few people having a coloured ring around their profile pictures lately. Caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, the ring has served its purpose in that case. If you were wondering whether the coloured circle implies a verified profile or only people with more followers had it, let’s make it clear. That’s not what it is.

People are using this coloured ring around their profile photos to stand out in the feed. The coloured ring can attract people’s attention and set you apart from the other posts in someone’s news feed. Interesting how such a simple trick can get you more attention, isn’t it? You can very easily do it yourself in some quick and simple steps.

But why would you need it, you may ask. Well, there are quite a few reasons. The first, we’ve already mentioned above. It makes your profile stand apart from others. Secondly, the trend is quickly catching up and will soon become a mainstream phenomenon. If you really wish to benefit from using that ring around your photo, rather do it now while it is still unique. Lastly, you can coordinate the colours of the circle with your brand’s colors or brand image, that people will be able to identify you with – create a synergy between you and your company brand.

So, all that said, how do you get this coloured ring around your profile photo? Here’s what you need to do – watch the video and the written steps follow…

Watch the Video

Step 1: Get a photo editing or graphic designing tool

So you must know by now that this feature of adding a ring to your photo is not built into LinkedIn itself. That means you need to put your editing skills to test. The first thing you’ll need to do is get a simple graphic designing tool like Canva.

Get a free Canva account and get started.

Step 2: Choose a design type

Once you are logged in to Canva, click on the “create a design” tab and from the list, choose Social Media. When your blank design loads up, go to the toolbar on the left. You can see a number of options there for choosing images, text, background and a lot of other things. Click on elements and once you’re inside the “elements” tab, go to “frames”. You can see all shapes of frames here, so you keep scrolling till you get to the circular frames with borders.

Step 3: Start creating the design

Now that you have the right frame you are looking for, let’s get to creating the design. These frames are mostly free to use, so select the frame and just drag and drop it on the blank template. Then you need to increase the size of the frame by dragging on the edges, all the way to the edges of your template. Thanks to Canva, everything will be centralized on its own, so you don’t need to worry about whether your circle is placed correctly at the center.

PRO-TIP: For SEO purposes, name your profile photo with your role so that you are ranked higher in Google and LinkedIn searches

Step 4: Upload your picture

The frame is now almost ready. The next step is to upload your profile picture to the design. Choose your desired picture from your files and place it on the design template. Just drag and drop it on the frame and it should fit into it like magic. You can crop the picture as you like after this to get the perfect shot.

Step 5: Pick a colour

Your framed picture is almost ready. Now just choose a color you’d like for the border. Click on the border and you’ll see a toolbar pop up at the top left corner. Pick a colour and you’re done. Just click on download and save the picture. If you have a paid membership you can choose a transparent background but that won’t be necessary since only the circular frame will be showing on your profile anyway.

There you have your coloured ring for your LinkedIn profile photo!

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