Trevisan  | How You Can Quickly Grow Your Reach with 'Collaborative Articles
How You Can Quickly Grow Your Reach with ‘Collaborative Articles
Trevisan  | How You Can Quickly Grow Your Reach with 'Collaborative Articles

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Collaborative articles are a new addition to LinkedIn and an area few people know about or leverage effectively.

Why do you need to know about collaborative articles?

Through LinkedIn’s collaborative articles feature, experts in a field may pool their expertise on a particular subject. The functionality is implemented via member-expert matching facilitated by LinkedIn’s Skills Graph and AI-powered discussion starter articles.

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Experts on the subject matter can share their knowledge, and other users can “react” to the post as “insightful,” basically upvoting it so that users can quickly identify the most relevant responses.

To show appreciation for those that put in the effort, the Community offers “Top Voice” badges in several categories (such as “Top Sales Voice”) that may be earned by participants. This emblem will be shown on their profiles and next to any articles they have written

Example here of Niraj Kapur, a top sales voice:

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You Lost Me at “Skill Graph”!

The talent graph compares a user’s profile to other users to find someone with similar knowledge and expertise. The Skills Graph revolves around a taxonomy of skills. The interconnections between various special abilities are carefully compiled. 

The taxonomy has over 39,000 abilities, 374,000 synonyms, and 200,000 connections. The “Structured Skills” framework provides the key to deciphering the method behind the calculation by showing how the structure of skills and their interactions affect the final result. 

Users’ professional paths are mapped onto this framework with their knowledge and expertise. Developing more complete and authentic skill-based experiences.

What matters is one’s experience level and how it translates into expertise in specific fields. Here’s an example: if you’re familiar with digital marketing, you’re also familiar with social media and email marketing.

Got it, Mel! How Can I get involved?

Tips for Writing Effective Collaborative Articles on LinkedIn

  • To begin, visit the Skills Showcase Page on LinkedIn and start following the relevant subjects:
  • Select your desired subjects by scrolling down the page. 
  • To easily return to the articles, click the Follow button on the page.
  • Select My Network and Page to return to these discussions quickly.
  • Select the article question you wish to work together on by clicking on it. 
  • Visit the link and read the article. Contribute your ideas to the discussion. 

In action:

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What are the benefits of working together on articles? 

These articles are a group effort written by some of LinkedIn’s most informed members. You may establish yourself as an authority on LinkedIn by associating yourself with these topics and receiving thoughtful responses. If you accumulate enough “insightful” conversations on a topic, you will be recognised as a leading voice in that field and given a top voice badge. 

To be recognised as a thought leader on LinkedIn is to receive an unofficial endorsement from the platform. This demonstrates to your peers that you are an expert in your subject and can offer helpful advice.

LinkedIn has just given you a tremendous opportunity to further your career as a thought leader. Make good use of these collaborative articles!


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