How to Leverage LinkedIn in 20 Minutes a Day

This article was first published in The Entrepreneur on July 7th 2020

You may be working from home but for many professionals that doesn’t equate to hours of spare time. Conversely, as we start to emerge from the COVID-19 fog, you know that you need to start generating new business and promoting yourself.

LinkedIn is a great resource to leverage in order to market and position your brand when you are still remote working. Many people think they don’t have time for LinkedIn even when they understand it is an important social media tool. However, 20 minutes a day is actually sufficient time to build and engage your audience to build your brand and generate material business.

Here are the things that you should check each day to achieve great results. Even if you do only one of these consistently, you will rapidly see the fruits of your labour.

Home Page:

As soon as you land on LinkedIn, the Home Page is the first thing that you see. As you scroll down the page, you will notice the activities related to your network. There are several tasks for you here: You may like to interact with friends and colleagues who are adding value. You may comment or share the activities you find helpful. Algorithm-wise, comments are worth more than shares on LinkedIn – people will appreciate them as they’ll drive the reach of their posts.

Who Viewed My Profile?:

On the Home page just below your picture, you will notice “Who viewed your profile”, followed by the number of views. Check out who is viewing your profile.

You want to be found. That’s what LinkedIn is all about. If you are getting found at rather frequent intervals and are attaining substantial three-figure numbers, you are well on your way to this goal.

Review the person who stopped by as they are interested in you. If they fit your “ideal client” criteria reach out and invite them to join your network. If you say you noticed they veiwd your profile, they’re 10x more likely to accept your invitation.

My Network:

The ‘My Network’ Menu is right at the top in the dark strip adjacent to ‘Home’. Below “invitations”, you will see the list of “People you may know”. You can process invitations and click on pictures of those people you may want to connect with to peruse their profiles to know more about them.


Invite 10 targeted people to your network daily: Tell them how you know them, find something in common, be enthusiastic, reference their profile. Courtesy will get you far. I always thank the person in advance for agreeing to connect. When they connect, offer to introduce them to someone in your network if they wish. That way, your new contact feels they can benefit from the connection.


You can see ‘Notifications’ in the top menu bar in dark colour alongside Home. Here lies a key opportunity to leverage a feature: You can connect with your network and initiate powerful interactions.

Has someone changed jobs? Send them a congratulatory message. Someone has a work anniversary? Send a quick message saying how impressed you are they’ve chalked up another year at XYZ limited and ask what’s happening there that they might like you to share with your network for them.

You can respond to the comments and do this consistently to let others know you value their feedback. You can briefly take a look at the profiles of those who follow you or like your content. You shouldn’t forget to thank those who endorsed you and also those who share your content. Appreciation helps build your image and brand.


This is the place to see the activities going on in your LinkedIn groups. You may like to comment on something that interests you in a group where conversations are going on. You can message an unlimited number of people in LinkedIn groups regardless of whether you’ve connected with them.

The important point to note here is the flexible nature of LinkedIn. There is no fixed, right or wrong way of doing things on LinkedIn but with a short targeted daily strategy you can make the platform work for you and your business.

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