How to Increase the Quality of Your Network in 24hrs on LinkedIn – Essential Tips:


Three months ago I realised that to be the top LinkedIn consultant in Switzerland, I needed to connect to the best influencers in the industry and to learn from them – thanks #Dennis Koutoudis and #Josh Fetcher!.

I regularly share the tips that I’ve learned along the way and receive great feedback through messages from current connections.

Here are the key tips that will grow your network with the quality connections you need for meaningful engagement and to grow your reputation within your niche.

#Tip 1

Tag, share and endorse prominent experts in your field. They will in a very short time want to connect with you – guaranteed!. 

#Tip 2.

Optimize Your Profile – essential to allow people and search engines to find you easily.

A strong profile explaining in the headline how you can assist people will draw them to you.

Do you have a high resolution headshot profile picture? Have you customised your URL? Have you include your phone number in the summary?

#Tip 3

Endorsed and get endorsed – the experts you wish to connect with will want proof that others rate you highly.

#Tip 4

Provide value and interest to your network – the key is to provide a mix of posts, for example,

Tuesday         Industry news / legislation update

Thursday       Promotion post / company update

Friday            Post providing assistance / guidance / infographic

#Tip 5

Keep up to date with LinkedIn’s services and use them to the max.

Do you know how to use QR codes as a virtual business card? This is the future of networking.

Are you using the voice messaging option on the LinkedIn app?

To learn more about QR codes, follow my feed for the post explaining step-by-step how to use them.

I now receive connection requests daily from industry relevant people from across the globe.

This is #mylinkedinstory, share yours with me!

Let’s connect: For bespoke social media marketing advice to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by #LinkedIn for you to increase your potential client base, make valuable connections or optimise your profile, email or schedule an initial phone consultation with me here.



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