Trevisan  | How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Via Linkedin
How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Via Linkedin
Trevisan  | How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Via Linkedin

Of the many paths taken by marketing departments to boost traffic to their websites, LinkedIn is one of the most travelled. This is especially true for B2B marketeers for whom Facebook, Twitter, are Instagram are not exactly the right channels to connect with their target audience – fellow businesses. In fact, out of the 90% of traffic to B2B websites that does come from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it seems LinkedIn accounts for the lion’s share of over 50% of that traffic.

With over 400 million users and new sign-ups every day, LinkedIn is the social media channel to be on if you would like to drive traffic to your website and have more people read your blog posts and learn more about your business’s offerings.

That said, how do you achieve the feat of gathering an audience on LinkedIn and spreading the word about your business? Read on to find some step-by-step tips and tricks to make the most of this channel.

Optimise your profile

Chances are that you already have a profile on #LinkedIn. As a professional it is essential that you create your own LinkedIn profile apart from your company’s page one. Ensure it is complete to achieve the “All Star” badge that signifies a complete profile. (Do join the next Link Tank lunchtime webinar.)

Add a succinct and interesting summary that explains your specific skill set and what you do and upload a headshot which is professional yet friendly to complete the profile.

LinkedIn gives you the option of uploading a banner to your profile as well. Create one that shares a snippet of your professional life or your company, and make sure that you add your company’s logo to the banner to brand it. Also, remember to include your business’s website URL to your profile.

Complete your company profile

Do not neglect this page even if it does garner far lower engagement than personal pages. For your company page, create a banner which is branded, professional, and personalised so that your B2B page visitors can connect to the image you are sharing. The profile picture should contain the logo so that it keeps showing up on your followers’/connections’ timelines every time you update your status or share information. It is important to keep branding and share relevant content in order to increase recall in the sea of connections and competition.

Build your connections

Reach out and build your connections by adding more targeted relevant people to your network. Add people whom you’ve known since school or university and through the different jobs you had if they will add value to your network. It’s all about value! Include those who you happened to meet on LinkedIn groups or other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. Also, remember to connect with the people you stumbled across at events, business acquaintances, email contacts, clients, customers and business partners. Invest in and learn how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for indepth, filtered targeted leads. (Or hire a pro to do it for you).

The more people you have on your network, the greater will be the reach of your posts and updates regarding your website which will lead them to the business portal.

Keep posting updates

Be active in the network and keep posting relevant updates relating to your business. Make sure you share your website URL or link the post to it to make sure your connections can easily click and reach your website.

Do not spam your network but at the same time try to create the right balance of your own content and third-party shares. Help spread posts you think are interesting from your connections to the rest of your network. They will return the favor too, by sharing interesting and fresh content updates you post from your website, thereby helping you boost traffic to your website.

⇛ Make your 3rd party posts drive traffic to YOUR site by using a site such as Sniply.

⇛ Make your images link to your site by using Anyimage (Google it as LinkedIn won’t permit the link!)

Traditional thinking says only post on Linkedin during the working week but I like to take a different approach: Less people post on weekends so there is less competition to get your posts seen. People have more time to read. It works.

Join niche groups

One of the best ways to add relevant connections and boost your networking efforts is by joining niche groups that pertain to the area of your business interest. By looking up targeted groups, you can find people who are genuinely interested in your industry and post relevant content, such as business updates and blog-post links from your website that they might be interested in. This is a great way to strike up conversations and engage with your B2B connections in a more fruitful manner.

Whenever you post on LinkedIn, try to make the post a bit personalised by sharing an opinion, thought or anecdote and ask for views and opinions. This is an excellent way to have people engage with your posts and gives you a chance to strike conversations with them

By following these few basic pointers and being consistent in your networking and content sharing efforts, you will soon build a following on LinkedIn and drive relevant traffic to your website.

For bespoke social media marketing advice to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you via #LinkedIn, schedule an initial phone consultation here.

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