Trevisan | How Service Industry Professionals Can Leverage AI
How Service Industry Professionals Can Leverage AI
Trevisan | How Service Industry Professionals Can Leverage AI

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British author John Brunner wrote,

It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.

These words may ring true for Artificial Intelligence (AI) too, especially “Generative AI” i.e. Artificial Intelligence that can generate media in response to prompts or queries.

By 2025, AI is expected to create way more jobs than it ends. 97% of device users already interact with AI on a daily basis and 35% of businesses leverage it in daily operations. As a services industry professional, you too can utilise AI to your advantage and to the benefit of your customers.

I have spent a great many hours testing various tools, and the following AI tools have made the cut as a non-exhaustive list of potentially valuable weapons for the non-techy professional to have in your artillery.

1. To Improve Productivity:

Google Workspace:  If you or any of your clients, vendors or collaborators operate Google devices like Androids, Chrome books etc.  Google Workspace is a great place to start using Generative AI. In fact, it can be trained to become a productive executive assistant. Use it to create the first draft of any topic that you type into Google Docs or Gmail. It can also take notes at a meeting, redraft them as an e-mail, send it and notify the recipients of the notes. Google plans to seamlessly integrate Workspace with Docs, Sheets, Chat, Meet, Slides, Keep etc. Eventually, it may become the single-window solution to all your professional documentation, collaboration and communication needs. If you are a purist in terms of uncluttered organisation of information, then Notion may be an amazing tool for you. It may take a few more minutes to get familiar with the features, but the results can make teamwork really easy. While the team sets reminders, shares updates, assigns tasks and posts comments, it can also view data across multiple customisable formats and intuitive workflows.

No alt text provided for this image What if you are managing different teams that may require occasional collaboration with each other?

This may be the perfect scenario to try the Kanbanesque app called Trello. Drag and drop tasks and their status across multi-board workspaces, lists that capture the “to-do” and “done-already” activities and cards that inform you of all the inputs to execute a task.

No alt text provided for this image
A lost boy in a city of artificial intelligence – produced by Dall-E

2. For Secondary Research and Text:

ChatGPT: In the most basic sense, ChatGPT may be seen as a search engine that can smartly:

a.    Mine information from the internet or the digital library

b.    Write an original text that not only passes plagiarism tests but also appears to be engaging for a human audience.

c.    Communicate that text as a chatbot to the intended audience, including customers.

While ChatGPT is known to make errors, it can learn and become a consistent performer in content creation and customer relations.

Bing: Microsoft has upgraded its flagship search engine Bing, to operate like ChatGPT and become your personal planner, research assistant and writer. If creativity is a greater priority than factual information and grammar, Jasper can become your marketing copywriter and assist you in making SEO-friendly and reader-engaging content i.e. sales copies, social media posts, mailers, blogs etc. Jasper also comes with 50+ templates and supports 25+ languages. When you require high-volume content at high speeds, try Writesonic. For example, it can create emails, ad campaigns, webpages or blogs that target different audiences and also optimise their keywords for them. Then you can proofread and edit the content for instant distribution. Writing tools can create flawed copies, but you can check them with Grammarly and fix the errors, including grammar, spelling and articulation. You can choose from a variety of English language forms and customise the content for your British, American or International audience. Grammarly also acts as an assessment tool that gauges the correctness, clarity and engagement of your content. THIS IS AN APP THAT I PERSONALLY USE EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is another language assessment tool that can act as your beta-reader and give valuable feedback about the quality of your writing. Apart from errors, it also identifies the complexity and length of your sentences and suggests that you split or simplify the yellow-marked sentences. If your job requires paraphrasing the same information for different audiences, Quillbot is the right tool for you. It can rephrase sentences without compromising their meaning or originality.

3. Do-it-Yourself Rich Media: After AI tools have helped you to create a good copy, Bing’s new AI-powered Image Creator can generate complimentary images and illustrations to go with the same text. It can be a useful tool for imagery as well as infographics. The AI of this app not only creates relevant pictures but also converts your text into presentations and narratives.

No alt text provided for this image
Made using Rated as one of the easiest AI tools to create slide decks and presentations from the text. If your presentations require storyboards and case studies, Midjourney can make unique imagery, creatures and worldviews from brief descriptions.

Dall-E: An AI tool made by OpenAI (Creators of ChatGPT) that can manufacture realistic art from any given text.

This was a AI-generated image using DALL-E Open Ai when I asked it for a “pop art style image of lady WITH BLONDE STRAIGHT HAIR AND LEFT SIDE PARTING AND wearing pink dress in a room of business people where she is pointing to a screen and training them how to use the linkedin social network”

No alt text provided for this image Sometimes, you may require multiple headshot images to keep things fresh across your social media accounts. Headshotpro can help you generate 120+ Avatars of your photos. Another headshot generator, this tool can create 100+ headshots that can go with your formal attire. An add-on AI tool on Canva, D-ID can make talking digital avatars at scale. These Avatars are useful narrators and presenters of your content. If you want the feature of creating an Avatar and its video on the same AI tool, try Synthesia. A very useful tool for swiftly creating multiple short clips from the same long format video. This tool not only automates short video creation from long videos but also helps customise them as easy-to-share brand videos.

4. Communications:

Captions App: An AI editor that simplifies video editing, jump cuts and filler word removal by reducing each task into one click. The chat assistance and moderation by the AI on Discord, make the interactions between every friend circle and Discord community, very easy. For example, it has automated greetings for new members, simplified multi-user file sharing and customisation of bots for specific interactions. The AI integration of Slack has made it intuitive to enable quick chats and multi-user phone calls across the team. These features help align communications and collaboration while onboarding different media and applications on the same Slack workspace. If you need a communication coach that helps you improve the clarity of your speech, try Poised. It not only refines your oratory skills but also boosts your confidence in having candid conversations when interacting online with your team.

The service industry is experiencing a significant transformation driven by the power of AI. As I have explored throughout this article, it is crucial for providers without a tech background to embrace and leverage AI to enhance their operations, customer experiences, and ultimately, their competitive edge. By understanding the potential benefits, identifying the right AI solutions, collaborating with technology partner, and cultivating an AI-savvy culture, service industry providers can effectively harness the capabilities of AI to drive growth and innovation.

The adoption of AI in the service industry should not be seen as a threat, but rather as an opportunity for providers to improve their offerings and elevate their businesses. By embarking on this journey with an open mind, a willingness to learn and a commitment to collaboration, we can unlock the full potential of AI, regardless of our technical background.

In doing so, we will not only ensure that our businesses thrive together in the rapidly evolving market but also contribute to shaping the future of the service industry as a whole.


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