Have you Selected the Correct Industry from the LinkedIn Industry List?

Have you selected the correct option from LinkedIn’s industry sector list on your LinkedIn profile?

Before you leap and tick that box, remember that selecting the option from LinkedIn’s correct industry sector list can help you be found for the right jobs by recruiters if you’re using the platform to job hunt. Doing so can also help you be found for the terms you want to be found for when potential clients or potential referees search for you.

However, LinkedIn doesn’t make this setting easy to find if you want to change or check it.

These Are The Required Steps to Select the Right LinkedIn Industry Sector List Option for You

  1. Use your desktop, not mobile app.
  2. Go to ‘Me’ on the right on top navigation:
  3. Scroll down in the drop-down menu and click on ‘Settings & Privacy’.
  4. Scroll across to the ‘Account’ tab and drop down to ‘Site Preferences’. There you will find ‘Name, location, and industry’.
  5. On the right, you will see a ‘Change’ option. Click.
  6. A pop-up box will show with other editable fields on your Profile. If you scroll down, you will find ‘Industry’.
  7. Choose the one which best represents your sector.

But what if your exact industry isn’t an option or you work in more than one sector

For example, you’re a financial advisor but you qualify for financial services, insurance, and investment management. Which to choose?

I recommend thinking a) about which industry the people you would want to have as clients would associate with you and b) pick the one that is most important to you but then make sure to mention the other sectors in the About section (formerly known as your ‘Summary’ section) on your Profile. I would also make sure you cover all the keywords and expressions you can that match your client types and industry sector in your LinkedIn About section.

There you go, you can now be confident that you will be recognised in the right sector for your skills and experiences and be more likely to be found where you should be for your customers and prospects!

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