7 ways to increase your LinkedIn company page followers

1. Fully complete your LinkedIn company profile

When your company profile is complete you maximise the chances of LinkedIn identifying search-related keywords in your profile. Fully completed company profiles are more likely to rank over partially finished ones. NB. LinkedIn’s new “add a tagline” feature and add a follow button directly to your website.

2. Invite your connections to follow your company page

Share your company page with your LinkedIn connections and invite them to follow your page.

3. Post regular content to your page

Sharing regular and relevant content provides an opportunity for you to connect with and expand your LinkedIn audience. When your page followers engage with your content it increases your visibility. Aim to post once per week, once per month as a minimum.

4. Use hashtags in your posts & optimise for SEO

Use appropriate hashtags in your posts to increase the visibility of your content to new audiences. Ensure your description is keyword rich.

5. Share your page content

Ask your employees to share and engage with your company page updates. This will increase the visibility of your posts to a wider network.

6. Ensure your employees complete their personal LinkedIn profiles

If all your employees have a complete and up to date profile your company will be more visible in search results.

7. Promote your company page

Promote your company page outside of LinkedIn. Link to your company page in your marketing communications, email signatures, and blogs and add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website. It can take time to increase your LinkedIn company page followers so be patient!


LinkedIn company profile picture sizes:

LinkedIn banner size (recommended): 1536 x 768 pixels
Minimum image size: 1192 x 220 pixels
Maximum file size 4MB
Image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF.
LinkedIn standard logo size (recommended): 400 x 400 pixels
Minimum image size: 300 x 300 pixels
Maximum file size 4MB
Image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF.

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