Top 6 Marketing Strategies For Financial Services

Having a well thought out strategy is vital for marketing to be effective. The best thing you can do is know your client and understand their needs to cater to them adequately. To overcome any pre-conceived thoughts and potential distrust the client may have may have,  one must attempt to eliminate the jargon somehow and create a more personalized, human approach. There are a few different things you can do to diversify the way you reach current and future clients which are outlined below:


This is not just the past-time of Millennial “influencers”! The use of blogs allows potential clients to learn about the service your company provides. It is one of the fastest ways to increase your ranking on Google search. The use of anchor words or tag words helps these blogs appear online in searches. It is the preferred way to explain detailed information on a specific subject, for example, #financial planning or #investments. Often this is the first thing someone will do when becoming interested in a new idea and blogs can provide a thorough or in-depth view depending on the length.

2. More Personalized Content

Understanding your client is one of the best things you can achieve. You surely have an ample variety of customers, but more than likely have a type of client that you spend more time with than others. Knowing the marketing persona of your typical client is an excellent way to create personalized content.

3. LinkedIn

Contacting professionals via LinkedIn is a great way to create leads for prospective clients. Its 500 million plus members can be easily targeted to specific groups according to what you as a company desire. It can help you zero in on prospective clients interested in private banking, wealth management, crypto or investment banking, to name but a few areas.

The use of filters and keywords is one of the most useful tools used in marketing as it helps us to target only the professionals that we want to contact.

Invest in the #LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform (and no, I don’t work for LinkedIn) It is targeting gold. (If you need any training, contact me via private message / link at end).

4. Video

Video on social media is more and more prevalent and will continue to be the trend going forward according to a recent Cisco report. Wista’s Soapbox or VidYard’s GoVideo are great tools that can help you to transform existing blog content into short videos that are engaging and easy to share across different social media platforms. With the growing popularity of Instagram and Twitter, having quick links where videos are shared are a great way to generate more follows and likes for your company according to the specific groups you desire to contact.

5. Influencers

More and more, we see the use of influencers or well-respected authorities communicating through social media. It is a way for the client to have a word of mouth testimonial from someone that they have grown to trust. It can also be a person who is directly linked to a company and allows the consumer to have a notion about a service or product they are yet to try.

6.Interactive Content

Webinars about financial planning and the use of live Facebook feeds provide the user with the opportunity to be part of a fluid, back and forth conversation. It makes it possible for the user to lead the session in the direction they want it to go. It is a break away from the traditional format. It aids in warming clients up to the idea of contracting a financial services company, before actually taking the leap.

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