6 Online Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Although the most cautious of my clients, #lawyers are increasingly embracing #socialmediamarketing as they discover the benefits of both their clients reading their commentaries and of receiving referrals from their industry associates:

Content is king 

Both in terms of quantity and quality, nothing matters more. Content really is king. If you focus on nothing else on this list, post more content. Ideally it should be content you author and as timely as possible; our take on emerging trends in your practice area; a great question a client recently asked; new rules or regulations that are coming into effect.  Keep it timely, keep it topical, keep it professional, and reap the rewards.  Put yourself in a prospective client’s shoes  What might someone Google in order to find you?  Do I need a lawyer to help with __________?  How can I select a good ___________ lawyer?

Then answer these on your website.  Anticipating a client’s needs and wants works like a magnet for directing client prospects to you.

Hypotheses Without revealing confidential information one can pose hypotheticals and demonstrate how you approach novel and challenging scenarios shows client prospects how you think – and why you’re the one they should retain to represent them.  Remember, it’s often less about the outcome than how you understand and approach the challenge.  Language watch Writing with a client audience in mind is different from the practice of law. Legalese has its time and place but when presenting yourself to clients show that you can avoid jargon and not talk down to them by speaking in a voice that is clear, confident, and empathic.  Connections The internet looks to connect individuals, business practices, and ideologies.  Do this yourself. Identify respected peers and even adversaries and interview them on topical areas of interest and then ask that they reciprocate. As you reference each other’s work, accomplishments and perspectives, your stature as someone who is well connected and knowledgeable rises – on both sides.  Remember the wheelHaving a social media presence on popular social platforms like #LinkedIn, #Twitter, #Facebook, and others are the spokes of the wheel but they all should connect back to the hub. That hub is your website.  Remember, we are always here to help.

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