The Quickest Road to Securing Appointments Today

Although current days may have a Groundhog Day air to them, we all need to move forward. With a remote workforce, clients re-strategising and revising budgets plus the opening up of the economy again – I think everyone could use some quick wins.

Today I’m going to share with you the scripts that we use to take our clients’ current connections and turn them into quality leads and appointments. This is just one of the strategies we use as part of our client generation and relationship-building strategies. Stay consistent with this and you’ll see results within a couple of weeks or less.

Please note that these scripts typically work most effectively with people who have at least some understanding of you or your business.

This campaign is perfect for:

Anyone. Whether you have unique content or you are simply sharing curated content applicable to your prospects’ interests, this is one of our most recommended short-term lead generation campaigns.

Intended outcome:

Book calls / Zoom meetings.

How to Build Trust in Your Messaging:

Don’t lose sight of your prospect. What do you know about your prospects that unites them? How can you fit that into your messaging? Don’t forget that you need to provide value. Achieve that via your content choices in Messages 1 and 2 and include the reason they should want to speak with you in Messages 3 and 4.

Let’s Get To Work!

The “Expert Content Campaign” Scripts

Direct Message / Invitation #1: Send this to people you’re already connected with (warm contacts)

First, the Pique their Curiosity invitation:

Hi {firstname},

 I noticed your Linkedin profile here this morning and thought it was worth connecting as we’ve recently put together a report for business owners at companies with a similar profile to {their company}. Would you like a copy?

Thank you

Hi {firstname}

Thanks for connecting, Please find attached a copy of the report I mentioned.

Look forward to engaging here.

Best, James

3 days later

Hi {firstname}

Hope all’s well. I hope you found the report interesting.

Do drop me a line here if you have any questions or feedback on the information, happy to discuss further.


 (If you don’t want to hear from me again, of course, just let me know)

Message #2: Wait 14-21 Days and Send to Those Who Didn’t Reply

SUBJ: Want to make sure you saw this 

Good morning, {firstname},

Following back up on my message a few weeks back, did you have a moment to read how how the fastest growing B2B businesses have actually been finding and converting their leads into clients this year.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to the report again: <LINK>

Let me know if you’d be open to chat for a few minutes about any of the information we’ve shared in there.

Talk soon,


#4: Wait 14-21 Days and Send to Those Who Didn’t Reply

SUBJ: Can we connect soon?

Hi {firstname},

We’ve been crossing paths here the past few weeks and I wanted to reach out. 

I wanted to introduce myself properly as we’ve been working with a lot of [INSERT TARGET INDUSTRY i.e small business owners/lawyers/firms/people like you] helping them [INSERT COMPELLING OUTCOME OR ACHIEVEMENT eg. eliminate their HR costs by 35%/streamline their onboarding process/win new business by X/implement custom daily routines to get more done.]

I’d love to line up a quick phone call to learn more about the work you’re doing/what you are currently dealing with and seeing if we might be able to help you like we have [IF PERMITTED, INSERT SIMILAR COMPANY YOU’VE HELPED ].

How does next week look for you?

I’m generally available Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Let me know what times work for you and the best contact number and we’ll get something in the diary



#4: Wait 7 days and send as reply to those who didn’t reply…

SUBJ: Re: Have you got a few minutes to chat?

Hi {firstname},

Just following up on the message I sent a few days back. 

Do you have any openings this week or next for a quick 10-15 minute call?

I’m interested in hearing a bit more about what you do and just sharing a couple stories of the clients we’ve helped that are similar. 

No pressure at all either way. Just figured there was no harm in following up.

Let me know and we’ll schedule a call.

Best, James

P.S. As I mentioned…I don’t want to be a pest so if you don’t want to hear from me again, just let me know.

Why This Works: The Magic of Following Up

Two of the biggest mistakes businesses, entrepreneurs, and sales teams make is this:

  1. They go straight for the sale
  2. They neglect to follow-up

It’s one thing to send out connection requests to targeted potential prospects on LinkedIn. It’s another to nurture that connection into a relationship so that business conversations can occur. You can’t just push for the sale if they don’t know who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and why they should trust you. Sharing expert content before you ask for an appointment addresses both of those mistakes.

Without follow-up, you simply can’t expect for them to email you asking for your services. That’s not how this works. Follow-up allows time for them to get to know you and time for you to prove yourself to them. Whether you use these scripts as part of a LinkedIn messaging campaign or via email, you need to stay top of mind and connect, so that when your prospect is ready, they know who to turn to.

Try these scripts out and let me know how it works for you!

Your Turn

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