Cut the Noise: How to Create High-Quality Content Your Clients Want to Read

With millions of pieces of new content being published and news articles being shared, the challenge to reach, and more importantly, TO keep your target audience can become almost overwhelmingly challenging.

Wondering how to cut through the noise? Here are a few tips to make your firm stand out:

·      Respond to your network’s queries: I suggest using a tool called Answer the Public — simply type in a keyword related to your industry, and it will instantly produce a visual diagram of the most common question-based search engine queries for that keyword.

·      Seek out what’s new and trending in your industry – identify your keywords and read, read, read! If it interests you, it will interest your audience: Try

·      Ask yourself:

a)    Why do you think this information is important?

b)    Will your audience benefit from the information you are offering?

c)    Would your audience share this on their personal or professional social media channels?

d)    Can your audience get this same information elsewhere? If so, how can you make your content distinct?

e) Would you read this? I am busy. So busy. Too busy to read a whole article. Keep your content succinct, manageable, readable over a cup of coffee. One cup of coffee, not a .

·      Get personal – people want your opinion, sentiment and often a photo!

·      Think SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – claim your custom LinkedIn URL; fill your bio with keyword rich description; expand your network; join groups.

By keeping these LinkedIn content tips in mind, you’ll be better positioned to put together a content strategy that is both useful to your target audience and recognized by search engines as high-quality.

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