Best Practices for LinkedIn Social Selling for Financial Services & Beyond

When it comes to Social Selling stats, you may see plenty of promising numbers for the World, US, Canada, India, EU and China, but don’t be disheartened. Even if you are targeting the UK, you have many reasons to engage on LinkedIn for social selling: As of August 2019, 75.6% of the UK’s working population […]

To pay or not to pay? That is the question

Research reveals that of 70% financial advisors are using social media for their marketing purposes, 90% use LinkedIn as their primary marketing platform. Research also reveals that one-third of such financial advisors generated $1 million or above in Assets Under Management (AUM) through LinkedIn* Being on LinkedIn is important for financial advisors to generate leads and build their […]

Strategies for Asset Managers to Address New Challenges in the Market

The past decade has been a roller-coaster ride for the industry, especially with new transformations coming along the way. The industry has seen the rise of fund superstars Bill Miller, Bill Gross and Peter Lynch but it’s been facing an existential crisis for a while now and this is compounded with the current challenges of […]

Shhh – Why Noone in Finance is Talking about Growth Hacking

Many of you won’t even know what growth hacking is and it conjures up something illicit, dirty and ugly. Growth hacking, a recent brand growth concept, is the method of achieving accelerated growth through the application of different marketing techniques. Growth hacking is mainly used for start-ups and emerging companies. The need for huge marketing […]

Why Private Bankers are Missing a Trick on LinkedIn

If you are looking for smart ways to build your #privatebanking business, the platform you should focus on is LinkedIn. From Fortune 500 companies to professionals, decision-makers, and senior influencers, the platform has huge amounts to offer private bankers. Yet, according to a recent banking study, 83 percent of private bankers are not using LinkedIn as a […]

How to Find Investors on LinkedIn

When it comes to money and big-ticket investments, trust plays an extremely important role. People want to make sure they put their money in the hands of those they can trust. The same goes for partnerships and investments in the business. While you can definitely find investors who can help fund your business, on LinkedIn, […]

Top 10 Tips For Publishing Articles Which Expand Your Reach On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to for anything and everything related to business on the internet. The platform allows you to establish a digital footprint and highlight your professional experiences on your profile which could double as your online portfolio. If you want to make a name for yourself in the professional world, regardless of the field […]

How to Create and Optimise a Company Page on LinkedIn in 2019

  LinkedIn is a professional networking platform for job seekers, employees, and professionals. Most prospective employees visit a company’s page on LinkedIn to learn more about them — the type of business it is and their history, values and goals. It is for this reason that employers need to optimise their company page on LinkedIn. […]

Top 10 Tips for Publishing Articles that Expand Your Reach on LinkedIn

As you’ll be aware, nowadays LinkedIn is the go-to for anything and everything related to business on the internet. The platform allows you to establish a digital footprint and highlight your professional experiences on your profile, which could double as your online portfolio.  If you want to make name for yourself in the professional world, […]

The Top 30 Industry Awards for Financial Advisers & Wealth Planners 2018

We pride ourselves on successfully promoting our clients’ brands on a daily basis via social media channels but always try to think out-the-box and provide a value-added service. In today’s competitive market we appreciate that for #financialadvisors differentiation from the competition can be tough but a good way to distinguish yourself as an industry leader […]

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