How to Use All New & Available Company Page Features to Generate More Business

Welcome to all new subscribers to The Link Tank newsletter; my newsletter always focuses on the practical: Real implementable strategies to increase your LinkedIn ROI, sometimes focusing on the what but always focusing on the how! Currently, 58 million companies have some digital presence on LinkedIn and if they update weekly posts on their Company page, their engagement rate doubles. [2] so you […]

LinkedIn Marketing For The Property Industry

Being a commercial property lawyer by original professional, I have always had a soft spot for all things real estate! The Covid-19 pandemic has jolted the property market into an unforeseen downturn: 1.      Commercial properties have dropped in rental income, property valuations for sale as well as debt financing. 2.      Securitised commercial property had a double jolt […]

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Via Linkedin

Of the many paths taken by marketing departments to boost traffic to their websites, LinkedIn is one of the most travelled. This is especially true for B2B marketeers for whom Facebook, Twitter, are Instagram are not exactly the right channels to connect with their target audience – fellow businesses. In fact, out of the 90% […]

LinkedIn Proficiency Test

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