How to Use All New & Available Company Page Features to Generate More Business

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Currently, 58 million companies have some digital presence on LinkedIn and if they update weekly posts on their Company page, their engagement rate doubles. [2] so you can see the value in giving your page a little TLC

Lately, LinkedIn has accelerated its rollout of new user-friendly features that could help improve the visibility, outreach, engagement and lead generation of your business.

1. Pin a Post:

LinkedIn Page posts allow Page super and content admins to directly engage with viewers and followers: You can pin a post to the top of your Page’s feed to make it more visible.

Important: If you target a post to a specific audience, the targeting will be disregarded if you pin the post to the top of the Page.

How to Leverage it?

If you are hosting a webinar or launching a new service or offering eg. New fund. You could also pin your Call to Action (CTA) eg call booking link / website link / webinar registration link

Pin or un-pin a Page post:

  1. Access your Page Super or Content admin view.
  2. In the Posts section, locate the correct post and click the More icon to complete one of the following actions:
  3. Select Pin to top from the dropdown. You’ll see Pinned in the upper right corner of the post. The post will move to the top of the Posts and Recent posts section (member view) of your Page.
  4. Select Un-pin from top from the dropdown. The post will be removed from the top of the Posts and Recent posts section (member view) of your Page and will appear in its original chronological order. Un-pinning the post will not delete it.

2. Host an Event as a Company Page:

Company Page admins have now had the ability to host Events for over a year now but many users remain unaware of it. Now, whenever you create an event, Admins can see a dropdown option to select a Company Page as the Organiser.

How to Leverage it?

You can create closed events for stakeholders and employees, especially onboarding events for recruits. You could also host events about marketing and promoting your Company brand, products, honorary occasions and discussions. Employees could re-share the events page to attract their connections to the Company Event.

If your Company Page has a huge following with 100+ members in the same demographic, then you could use the “Target Audience” feature to market the Company Event.

3. Templates:

Recently, LinkedIn introduced customisation features to design posts with readymade templates with multiple backgrounds and font options. Moreover, LinkedIn plans to expand the choices to include a wider pallet of patterns and tools within this feature.

How to Leverage it?

The “Use a Template” tab is easily visible in the Post window of the App and it can be accessed by opening the three-dot More Icon menu of the “Start a Post” pop-up. You can use it to make posts more eye-catching to the reader and distinguish between different posts on your page. This is available now to both personal and company pages

4. Comments as a Page:

If you are an Admin of a Company Page, you now have the option to use the drop-down below the comment reactions and respond to the post as a Company instead of an individual.

How to Leverage it?

Some posts are addressed to the Company or related to issues that require a response by the Company. In such cases, even if the post has your nametag, you could comment on behalf of the Company Page and provide a swift official response. On a different note, if you feel that the intended audience of the post could be interested in your Company Page, your comments provide them with an automatic backlink to visit your Company Page.

***The 2022 LinkedIn-Edelman B2B Thought Leadership report found that “78% of business decision-makers say they prefer to work with companies that are industry leaders and have a strong reputation.”***

5. My Company Tab:

Introduced in 2021in select markets, the My Company Tab has become a standard feature of Company Pages with more than 10 employees [3]. It is the first tab on the landing page of any Company on LinkedIn, acting as an “employee-only” space for the workforce.

How to Leverage it?

Click on the Company Tab and it will provide networking suggestions to employees based on their team, role, location and mutual connections. This is a great tool for colleagues to connect, especially recruits. You can host “employees-only” content and conversations under this tab. Herein Page Admins can promote employee advocacy, celebrate milestones of co-workers and seek feedback on brand building, digital content, upcoming events as well as other business outcomes. An active Company tab improves employee engagement that may translate to 8X page views, 4X followers, 7X job views and 4X job applications.

Curator Role:

Along with the launch of the Company tab, LinkedIn also rolled out a new kind of Page Admin called the Curator i.e. a person who could recommend content to employees, create recommended content and grant permissions to Page members to view Content Suggestions. Unlike a Content Admin who oversees all Page content, a Curator deals with content under the Company Tab.

How to Leverage it?

By introducing a Curator for the Company Tab, the Content Admin gets extra help in streamlining the internal and external communications of the Company. You also get a dedicated resource for employee engagement and tracking Employee Advocacy [5].

6. Following Tab

This is now available to Company page admins.

7. Commitments for Company Pages

Increasingly in today’s market, job seekers are evaluating potential employers based on their values. They’re interested in knowing where companies stand on issues that are important to them, such as DEI, work-life balance, sustainability, etc. To provide greater insight and connections, LinkedIn is enabling employers to highlight these commitments on their LinkedIn company page to define their talent brand and values. 

Companies can add a section to their company page called Our featured commitments that allows them to showcase values along with more meaningful content, including reports, certifications, articles, blogs, and videos. Members can easily view these commitments and the documentation provided by each company to assess authenticity. Members will also be able to search for companies with relevant commitments in their job search. 

These commitments are featured prominently on the About section of a company page as opposed to the Life tab. Companies can feature up to 5 commitments on their Company Page, such as:  

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Career growth and learning 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Social impact 
  • Environmental sustainability 

8. Post Scheduling

This is on gradual rollout and allows Admins to use this feature that was pesviously only available to personal profiles.

9. Customise Preview Images

As a super or content Page admin, you can customise the preview image and title of an article or website URL posted on your LinkedIn Page.

To customise the title and image when of a posted URL:

  1. Access your Page super or content admin view.
  2. Paste the URL into the Start a post box at the top of the screen.
  • An auto-generated thumbnail image may appear in the preview if one is available, along with the article or website title.
  1. Click the 
  2.  Edit icon below the text box.
  3. To customise the image, click the 
  4. Image icon below text box and select an image from your computer. To customize the title, click 
  5.  Edit article title and enter your new title.
  6. To adjust the privacy settings, click the dropdown and select the correct audience. The default setting is Anyone.
  7. Click the Post button.

10. Audio Events for Pages

LinkedIn is gradually rolling access to create and host Audio Events out to Pages.

You can choose to host an Audio Event from your individual profile or from your organisations’ Page. Only eligible Pages can create an Audio Event. Please note the following when hosting an Audio Event from a Page:

  1. Roles: Any super and content admins can create and host Audio Events on behalf of the Page and view event analytics.
  2. Notifications: As the Page is considered the organiser of the event, notifications are sent to a subset of followers of the Page, not to the Page admin’s connections. 
  3. Hosts: The first 10 super or content admins to join the Audio Event are designated as Host and appear on stage for the duration of the event, while other admins will be attendees.
  4. Registration forms: Registration forms are not available for Audio Events.

11. LinkedIn Events  – General info

  • Any Page super or content admin can create an Event that will be organised and hosted by the Page.
  • You can only invite your connections to the Event. All attendees of the Event can also invite their connections.
  • You can only invite your 1st-degree connections to attend your event. Page followers can’t be invited to an Event if they aren’t connected to any of the Page’s admins.
  • While an admin can see all attendees (including other admins attending the Event) from the Manage Attendees view, there is no label that identifies an admin from other attendees.
  • Each Page admin can send up to 1000 invitations per week. If you organise multiple events, this limit applies across events and does not increase.
  • Any Page super or content admin can remove an attendee from the Event.
  • A super or content admin can also share the Event on their Page so it can be seen by the Page’s followers. This can help the Event to reach the target audience by sponsoring the post within the Page.

12. Show You’re Hiring

 You can simply show that you are hiring with the jobs tab on your Company Page for positions advertised on LinkedIn. As stated by LinkedIn, “The Jobs tab on your LinkedIn Page allows all members to search for employment opportunities with your organisation as well as create job alerts for newly posted roles.

With a Career Page added to your Page, members will see jobs recommended for them and employees who currently occupy the role.”

This certainly makes life easier for job seekers wishing to research potential employers / companies.

13. Targeted Posts

B2B organisations have the option to reach a targeted audience: Businesses can focus their content to particular sectors, job titles, and demographics. This increases the likelihood that leads will become customers and ensures that B2B organisations are sharing their thought leadership with the appropriate audiences.

It is worthwhile to investigate the Target Audience settings for posts on your LinkedIn Company Page if you haven’t done so already. It’s crucial to remember that nobody outside of your intended demographic will ever read the post.

I would only suggest utilising this functionality for Business Pages with a substantial following.

Here it is in action:

14. Removing Unknown Admins from your Company Page

There is now a page provided by LinkedIn for you to report this and can be found here – You must be a Page Admin to make the request and it may take up to 14 days to process.


Apart from updates on the Company Page features, LinkedIn has launched many new tools in the Beta-phase. If you use most of the current features, you will doubtless significantly improve the results achieved from your LinkedIn Page.

If you know of other new features worthy of inclusion here, please do let me know in the comments below.

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